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Patrick Sauriol has written an excellent article on Corona Coming Attractions about the 20th Century Fox suit against PJ McIlvaine. Everyone should read it:


Fox sues over sharing scripts online
— by Patrick Sauriol

20th Century Fox is leading the charge in protecting its intellectual property online. In a move that could redefine the underground ecosystem of people that share screenplays, both for those working inside the Hollywood showbiz system as well as interested fans that have the right connections, the movie studio served legal notice to a woman that was sharing scripts in PDF format on a file hosting website, slapping her with a $15 million dollar lawsuit.

P.J. McIlvaine is the person who was uploading scripts to a Mediafire website where anyone can download files. Fox alleges that McIlvaine uploaded 79 screenplays that Fox owns including a draft of Deadpool, a Fox superhero movie still in the script stage of development and that is, at best, still at least 18 months away from being released. Other scripts that Fox claims McIlvaine shared on the site were ones for older pictures such as Aliens, Wall Street and Die Hard. It works out to about $200,000 per screenplay that Fox is seeking in damages. Ten other defendants are named in the lawsuit as well.

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*perhaps one of the more important aspects of patrick’s article is it clarifies, for persons outside the industry, some of the elements surrounding script trading that are at play in the screenwriting community that separate this from a simple case of someone snatching a book and posting it online — good article and a must read

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Source: Patrick Saurion, Corona Coming Attractions

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