when i grow upWhen I was three

My aunt asked

What do you want to be

When you grow up?

I said —



where the art work comes from :
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  1. Oh that is the cutest! And you are beautiful. When I was asked the same question I said, “listened too” I was older than three though.

  2. I was asked someone in my family if I was beautiful and they smiled and said,

    ” Develop a talent Anita Marie ”

    So I took up boxing- I figured I had nothing to lose at that point.

  3. Hmmmm… when asked the same question, I said “funny.” :D

  4. Mission accomplished Max.

    I said that I wanted to be a grown up. I’m still working on it.

  5. max

    Aw, thanks, Tommy.

    Anita, “develop a talent”? Jeez, they were not kind in your household.

  6. Well, no, they weren’t kind but now I can at least laugh about it- like a couple of times in highschool I won these HUGE awards for some writing I did and SOMEONE I was related to asked if anyone else besides me entered.

    They were serious.

    But I seriously won some cool prizes so I didn’t care then and I don’t care now- guess you gotta roll with those punches Max.

  7. max

    That is so brutal. Is that person still alive? Can we maim them?

  8. The beauty of it is…if I do well they don’t- and you know, I’m doin’ well.

    Isn’t Karma a bitch?

    But if it lets out on me, I’ll be putting the call through :-)

  9. max

    Ah. Relatives who are only happy when you are flat on your face. Aren’t they lovely? You just keep going well Anita Marie.

  10. I’ll join the maiming party! I hate mean families, they treat you like crap and then go out and be kind to a stranger or a cashier they will never see again. Mine still won’t listen to me, not unless I use my outside voice.

  11. I hate mean families too- but they serve a purpose in my Universe…I mean I have to come up with creative ways for evil people to meet evil ends at least twice a week when I put a story together.

    So I keep my ears open, my mouth shut and my hands off off sharp objects when they get started.

    Your ‘outside voice’ Jennifer? Wow, I see the roots of some hard core parenting there.

  12. Anita, Parenting? ha ha ha ha I was the grown up until they voted me off the island. Stuff for stories, I am starting to get that now. They’ll be so proud…

  13. When I was a very young (and adorable) kid, I had that starry-eyed notion that I would grow up to be a model because I was at that age where girls want to grow up to be a model. And frankly, I was a damn cute kid. So I asked my mom if she thought I could grow up to be a model. She said she just didn’t think I was pretty enough. And then added “or tall.” She doesn’t remember this and I’m pretty sure that she didn’t mean it like it came out because my mother is not a cruel woman like that. But I’ve also never, ever forgotten it.

    This post cuts me to the core. Because I still make this wish.

  14. max

    My aunt, when I was 16, said, You were such a beautiful little girl what happened?

    My aunt loves me and did not say that to be mean it just got blurted out and is pretty funny to me.

  15. “Hmmmm… when asked the same question, I said “funny.” :D

    Hmmmm, I thought you said, “Firm.”

  16. Wow, the mean shit our family says to us. They don’t realize how this affects us in the long run. I’m real careful about what I say to my nephew. I mean, yes, sure, he’s a huge overweight kid with a clumsy hand and two big feet and he’s also sloppy, forgetful, messy and has the makings of a serial arsonist….

    I called him Lennie [from Mice and Men] the other day. I felt really bad.

    Anyway, when I was growing up, my mother said my lips were too small and my nose was really big and my hair was thin and my dad said I had chicken legs. My mom also called me birdbrain and would knock my head three times in a row for whatever reason.

    Never once heard a beautiful…well, except when my dad said a few years ago: “We really ought to make some money off your looks.” I thought that was weird.

  17. One of my Nieces has body issues ( she’s got a weight problem) – and she’s really little only 9 years old. But she’s a hell of an artist she’s sharp and when you talk to her she’s got all this confidence and poise that you don’t even see in some adults.

    All of our kids are pretty confident because if you F!*& with a child that belongs to me or my brother or sister you’re going to you know…die.

    Now one of my other Nieces has been compared to those Brazilian Supermodels- and she’s only 14.

    So my Niece- bless her heart- is this sweet kid and when people ask, ” Do you play basketball? Do you do Modeling ? ”

    Her reply for over two years has been ” No, I’m going be a Neurosurgeon ” and when she says that these people just sort of wilt.

    I told her she should say she’s going to be an intake Nurse at an Insane Asylum but she’s into cures and hope- so she won’t even entertain my option.


  18. SG,

    Firm? Nah… I didn’t have that much insight. As for the words we say to family members, one of the most powerful gifts a parent can give a child is affimation. Mom & Dad had a rule: our house is a “safe place” where you never, ever get attacked, by anyone. As I’ve watched my sons grow and see and hear the things that others experience, I realize what a blessing that was. Hopefully, my sons have felt the same way.


    Bravo to your niece! The destruction of stereotypes is almost always a good thing. One of the positives of the Internet is its inherent democracy: we can’t easily tell who the “beautiful people” are and who they aren’t. Accordingly, we’re forced to assess people based on their words, good or bad. Just as we devalue those who don’t meet some arbitrary standard of beauty (by assuming that they compensate somehow with artistic talent, brains, intangible skills), we do the same when we presume that someone who is attractive is a “pretty boy” or a “bimbo” (suggesting that they can, and therefore have, gotten by in life on their looks).

  19. All of our kids are pretty confident because if you F!*& with a child that belongs to me or my brother or sister you’re going to you know…die.

    Yes! Eliminate without compunction. Quell their sadistic arses!

  20. Here is how I really felt:

    “My aunt asked

    What do you want to be

    When you grow up?

    I said –


  21. Wow, I think this is a new tag in the making! Max?

  22. max

    LOL — jeez, we just did one, what is this, tagging frenzy?

  23. My Oldest son use to do tagging- and after a few trips to the better court houses down there in LA he took his act to New York where he now makes a living at his art.

    Anyway, I guess this tagging thing is the bloggers version of spray painting something on someone’s wall.

    We need a theme song….

  24. Hey Stiletto-
    You wanted to be white too? Ha! Tell me about it, I wanted to be blond too- shoot for the moon that’s what I say!

  25. Anita, this was the dream of all half breeds, don’t you think?

    And yes, I sooo wanted to be blonde. Honest to God, I was the first Asian girl to have blonde hair because my mother freak dyed it at twelve. Well, except that one Asian porn star my ex kept comparing me to when I was sixteen. (Lookwise, honey, lookwise). I think she’d been around longer with that ‘do than me.

  26. A theme song? Why does the Laverne and Shirley song come to mind?

  27. Because it’s a MERRY MAYHEM SONG- Stiletto you rock.

  28. Oh and yeah it’s a half breeds dream to be blond alright- well, at least we get these cool cheekbones and nice skin and everyone thinks we know martial arts and can kick ass and look hot at the same time.

    It’s a trade off I suppose.

  29. max

    Asian girls look good in white patent leather. And white girls do not. If that is not a bitter truth in my life I do not know what is.

  30. Yeah, when someone bugs me I just throw my hands up and go, “Hiiiiyaaaaa!” That really scares ’em. Work for you too? lol

    Max, how about a drunken tagging frenzy one evening? I mean, for those of us who will have nothing better to do (such as myself).

  31. White patent leather? Hmm. Now that’s an idea. You’re talking about fashionable stuff, right? Not weird bondage gear or anything?

  32. That’s true…and I’d STILL love to be blond

  33. max

    Blonde is overratted, Anita.

    [Okay not really I just said that to make you feel better.]

  34. Ha I KNEW it…being blonde is cool and you know what else is cool? When I get to be right-

    so thank you for helping me out…I owe you one.


  35. Blonde is OK, but when it fades to gray… (not that I would know from personal experience or anything)

  36. Many thanks for the referral. I’m glad you like the picture of Marjorie King. There is a story about her on the site here:-

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