beating the second act slump


legs_iiWe interrupt politics for —

Beating the Second Act Slump : 6 Week Workshop begins Saturday November 7th. This is an online 6 week advanced course on screenplay structure taught by yours truly Max Adams. Subjects include breaking the first 30 pages into two acts; Understanding set up; The 15 page escalation; Achieving story climax; Correcting the second act Field model; And more importantly — Beating the Second Act Slump.


Course fee is $240. Course length is 6 weeks. Seating is limited. For course sign up email : courses @

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0 Responses to beating the second act slump

  1. I so wish I had time to join

  2. max

    Next time Till. You have to meet that deadline.

  3. Perhaps in the future I can take advantage of this. I am trying to convert my novel into a screen play. Good to know, thanks.

  4. max

    There will be future classes. The SeeMaxRun classes are pretty new, at the moment I am doing one every six months but hopefully I will be able to schedule more often in the future.

  5. in the spring I’ll join – no books to write, no deadlines. I’m looking forward to get slaughtered by Mad Max. again.

  6. max

    Jeez, Till, “slaughtered”? You make me sound scary.

  7. no not craxy, more like Wolverine: sharp-edged with style

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