battling the sun


white desertI have had to trot down to —

The Academy every day this week and the sun is machine gun mean right now which means to even go outside during daylight hours I have to slather on about two pounds of sunscreen.

If I do not slather on two pounds of sunscreen I turn immediately calico everywhere sun hits me. This is in part because I am pale but also in part from once upon a time incautiously lighting a pilot light in a gas stove that had too much gas build up in it. Which gives you a fine new appreciation for eyebrows and also ever after your skin reacts a little faster to light and heat and not necessarily in a calm and serene way. Damn stove. Damn sun. Damn sunscreen.

The alternative is to wear lots of clothes that block sunlight. This, in summer heat, causes its own problems and if you pass out on the sidewalk from overheating there you are in the sun even longer while people helpfully remove your excess outer wear to “let you breathe” which really means let more sun hit you.

I am going to hide out inside all weekend and not even leave the loft till after the sun goes down.



where the art work comes from :
that is s7 from areilstargate11

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  1. At least you don’t have to worry about freckles. When I was little I had such big ones my brother would act as if he was taking one off my face to play basketball.
    They are almost all gone now. I wear spf 50 to make sure they don’t come back.

  2. max

    Um. Think about that one for a second.

  3. The thing I hate about slathering on sunscreen is it invariably gets on my clothes or makes them (and me) smell – like sunscreen. But it beats the alternative.

    You are smart to stay inside.

  4. g’morning max..a wide brimmed hat and a lot of attitude…good luck with the sun…i fight it every day, and it usdually beats me stupid

  5. I read a while back most sunscreens don’t work very well. What kind do you use?

  6. max

    I have a collection of sunscreen but the best stuff I have ever found is Bannanna Boat. That stuff goes on and stays on even in salt water and it is sun impenetrable.

    Yeah, sunscreen all over clothes. Also there is the battle of getting it off again so your pores do not become permanently sunscreen impaired.

  7. I wear sunscreen on my face religiously. I have tons of freckles though but I love them.

    That is funny, Kitty. Slightly OT but my brother had beauty marks all over his cheeks and he would scrape them off with a vengeance – and with his finger and knives.

  8. Max did you eyebrows ever grow in normally or were they permanently traumatized?

  9. The Sun…say what?
    Just a little Seattle Humor.


  10. max

    Oh you know that sun is out till 10 pm in the summer in Seattle Anita Marie. It is the winter that gets odd, when it is pitch dark by 4 pm.

  11. max

    Stil, yes, the eyebrows came back. I lost one of them too to a windsheild one time — all but one little tuft over my eye — I looked like a curious Bull Terrior dog for a month but it came back too. My eyebrows are indestructible. [wink]

  12. Indescructible eyebrows, LOL. You must have some Scottish blood.

    SG, I once dug a mole off my forehead with my fingerails. It never came back, either. Left a pit, though. LOL.

  13. max

    A good deal of Scottish. Do they have prominent eyebrows? I always thought I had the Czech side to thank for those.

  14. Max!
    Don’t tell outsiders about the Sun thing.
    We’ve got a rep to protect up here.


  15. max

    Um. The only people who think it rains all the time in Seattle are the natives. No one else is really fooled.

  16. Oh yeah, Max. That’s where I get mine. I find the Scot’s have thick and dark eyebrows compared to their haircolor. My brows and lashes are jet black and my hair is dirty blonde.

    LOL, amm, When we were on vacation and we’d wake my husband up he’d make a cross with his two index fingers and hiss at us.

  17. Kitty, at least you didn’t try to clip yours off with a pair of nail clippers. My mother did the mole on her neck and much pain and screaming ensued.

    Mmm, Scots. I was just looking at pictures of Gerard Butler. Dark eyebrows and blonde hair – a striking contrast but an enticing combination.

  18. Max have you considered getting your eyebrows insured?

  19. max

    Wow Kitty I did not know that. So that is where they came from.

    Stil, these brows are going to out last me. I am sure of it.

  20. I ‘ve been burned before so I use a kind with zinc in it for my shoulders. I have to have several different kinds of sunscreen too. I do use the spray on for surprise attacks on the rugrat.

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