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battlestar galactica

So um —

Has everyone seen the new episode of Battlestar Galactica?

I guess that was the nervous breakdown episode.



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  1. Dan

    I had a breakdown when the final Cylon was revealed.

    Personally, it was a bit of a letdown.

  2. max

    We can go lie in fetal balls with Laura Roslyn [sp?] or something. It will be festive.

  3. I though that it was extremely well done. I blogged that this episode blew my mind, and that later it reblew it! TV shows hardly ever blow my mind once during an entire season let along twice in one episode. I was setting myself up for a huge letdown because after their run I figured it nearly impossible to keep up that kind of quality and I’m glad to write that I was flat out wrong. I have high hopes for the final nine episodes.

    After I watched it again online there are actually four separate instances of mind blowing and reblowing that happened. The final Cylon was on my short list but not at the top (though it is interesting that it knew what it was when the others didn’t from the get go). Without spoiling anything here is the list of mind blowers: bones, suicide, cockpit, and the final Cylon. The last two were what I originally wrote about, but the other two are up there and I think I was just too numb from it all that it took time (and an additional viewing) to parse it all.

    That said, I have no idea what I actually saw…But I sure am enjoying the ride. What the frak is going on?

  4. Dan

    Heh heh.

    I’ll be in my fetal ball?

  5. max

    Dan you are hilarious.

    Woe, I think, for me, at times they intellectualize too much. It is “Battle” Star Galactica, not “Philosophy 101” Galactica. But oh well.

  6. That’s why I like it. They take relevant contemporary topics from politics and torture, to religion and terrorism, and even ethical conundrums and merge them seamlessly into a fantastic dramatic storyline. Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of my favorite books. It does the same thing with deeply philosophical topics and yet it can be taken out of its “Sci-Fi” context (BTW, I think Dune more fantasy than Sci-Fi) and just like BSG be just as relevant if set in say, Feudal Europe. Sadly as of yet nobody has been able to adapt Dune for the screen in any way that really does justice to it… But they have with Galactica!

  7. max

    Well most really good sci fi does that. Takes difficult societal and/or political issues and, because situations are fictionalized and the stories do not directly point fingers or name names, address them more freely than a book set during contemporary times could or necessarily would. That is especially prevalent in science fiction written by authors living under oppressive government regimes where it is dangerous to directly address a social issue — but it has always been a really strong factor in science fiction.

    Dune is a pretty cool book. It worries me its concept, what if water shortages mimicked gasoline shortages, is something that is becoming more and more possible and even likely. Trying to adapt Dune though is like trying to adapt War & Peace. It is a huge book.

    You might like Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin. It is phenomenal and incorporates a lot of societal issues in a really smart way.

  8. max

    [Oh, all that said, I do not think the fact science fiction allows you to address political and/or social issues is a good reason to only address political and/or social issues. Which is what is happening for me with BSG. It is lopsided and losing its core story in an attempt to be too socially conscious. Mileage will vary.]

  9. Thanks, I’ll have to check out that LeGuin.

    I’m not sure if there is any other way to approach the Galactica storyline they adopted? I mean, it could have been done like the original (which I also like) but that takes it too far the other way. The world of BSG is woeful, and the people are human (maybe LOL) and express very human feelings and failings in stark ways. That said, in the world in which we live these days maybe a little less woe is in order in our fiction. Hope would be good right about now… fictional or otherwise.

  10. I’m wondering if some folks feel let down with the announcement of the XO’s wife as the last Cylon because I/we expected it to be someone else? It sort of came from left field, which can be unsettling, but makes for interesting television.

    I was, however, truly unsettled by the suicide of Dee. Truly left field stuff. But damn if it doesn’t keep me coming back for more. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed television this month since the British version of the Office arrived on BBC America.

  11. She was on my short list but not at the top… At the top of my list was Dr. Cottle.

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