show us your shoes!

battle of the flowers!

I went to the Battle of the Flowers parade last night in San Antonio.

High school marching bands are impressive these days. Jeez. Those bands are fancy. And good.

Also, people here shout to people on floats, “Show us your shoes!” And people on the floats show them their shoes. That is a new one on me and hilarious to me.

There were a lot of military and police marching units in the parade. I find that reassuring. Public gatherings these days are, in my mind, shooter targets. Watching all the military and police units marching in the parade, though? I figured it was going to be a BAD night for any shooter dumb enough to target that parade.

Little kids line up on the sidelines of the parade route and people in the parade on the edges would do a run along the line of kids tapping kids’ hands. I haven’t seen that at parades before either. It was very cool for the kids. It is a crowd friendly parade.

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