bathing suit dilemmas


bathing_beautyI have been thinking —

About getting a new bathing suit for summer. I am not going to tell you the last time I bought a bathing suit that would just be embarrassing let’s just say it has been a long long time.

This is all prompted by the news Stil is coming out this summer. I figure if Stil comes out during the summer odds are we are going to end up at a beach at some point and probably I should be wearing a bathing suit less than a decade old that I actually own and is not just thrown at me by a party host yelling “get in the hot tub!”

[Even standing within a mile of Stil in a bathing suit is a total act of love on my part by the way really nobody needs to be compared to Stil close up in a bathing suit that woman’s stomach is flatter and harder than a quarter and she has breasts and she is exotic and I am a flat chested skinny white girl sigh.]

Anyway this brings up the dilemma. One piece or two.


where the art work comes from :
that is from dce jeff

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  1. One piece, but make sure that you check what it looks like from the back, in the scalloped-out bit that is meant to reveal your back, but which also – far too often – reveals a lady’s “backflaps”.

    Backflaps are the unsightly rolls of … cuddliness … that the lycra squeezes down from your shoulders and up from your bottom, forming a sort of meatpleat that peek-a-boos out from that scallopy section.

    Although, if you’re a “skinny white girl”, that may not be a problem for you.

  2. I shouldn’t wear them, but you know what? I love the sun on my skin, so I go for it.

  3. max

    Wow that is so smart. Will it still work if I have three one piece body glove suits built for surfing?

  4. I think the two-piece is too common, cliched, a dime-a-dozen. Go for a great one piece and stand out. Make a statement. IMHO

  5. forkboy1965

    I’m confused…do you mean a one- or two-piece bathing suit or how many pieces you should chop Stil into?


  6. Kym

    I’m sending chocolate chip cookies–lots. I’m saying bikini to show off the tasty curves!

  7. aj

    I say two-piece.

  8. I say we mail Stil a couple of chocolate cakes.

  9. I say that while I’m honored that you think I look like a goddess in a bathing suit let’s keep that a myth, shall we? I am not a fan of bathing suits since I have bulked up or sun damage on my face since I discovered a fine line thanks to the stupid esthetician and her stupid expensive creams which don’t work and if I wear one I am so wearing a huge one piece (and a huge matching hat).

    (Of course we could just sit in a hot tub with hot guys and just drink under a really flattering light)!

    Kitty, I will lovingly accept ALL chocolate from you!

    Forkboy, chop into pieces! Psychotic much? :)

  10. max

    Yay! Kym cookies are the best.

    Fork is not allowed to watch any more Halloween movies.

    How do I sign up for one of those chocolate cakes?

    Stil, the hot tub with the flattering light is really working for me.

  11. And the hot tub and booze will make us nice and toasty. L.A. gets nippy at night!

  12. forkboy1965

    What did I say?!?


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