bat email

I got bat email today. This is my favorite line:

“The bats will enter your apartment and hide until dark, which is when their flying party starts.”

Bat flying party! Woo!


“Our maintenance team can do a lot of things, being BATMAN is not one of them.”

Did you know bats are protected? I did not know that. Also, there is a special three-eleven number to call for bat mayhem.

I figured out there had to have been bat incidents here when a maintenance guy brought up bats. With no prompting. Just out of the blue.

It started with windows. He said you could get expandable screens on Amazon for windows here and they would keep out bugs.

I said, Really? Bugs fly up this high?

(Those are tough bugs. It is the 9th floor.)

He said, Oh yes. Birds too.

And —

(insert pause for emphasis)


There were no windows open. I had not asked about windows or screens. He brought this up all unprompted — and built up to the bats.

Then bat email came.

Ever seen one of those memes of a sign outside a bar that says, No spitting, no breaking furniture, and NO PENGUINS!

And you think, Wow, something really went down there with penguins.

That’s like the bats.

I wonder what happened with the bats. And how many times. Those bats are getting top billing. It can’t have been just one incident. Or if it was, that one bat must have been drinking tequila and having a SERIOUS party. It left a BIG impression.

I got the screens.

Love and Kisses,

Your I Got The Screens Adams Girl

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