bad day for the neighbors


eviction_equineI trot outside —

There is a notice taped on the new neighbor’s door : Three days to vacate.

Uh oh. Bad news for pilot guy who appears gay but also checks out my legs [bi?] and his interesting in too short shorts friend who like me sometimes does laundry too late on Friday nights for it to be right or acceptable.

Also for the mysterious visitor dog that sometimes was in residence.

They have not been here very long.

They have very nice antiques.


where the art work comes from :
that is from meaghan courtney

0 Responses to bad day for the neighbors

  1. Maybe he just envies you your legs?

  2. max

    Nah. That was a checking out the legs looks.

  3. You should post a picture of your legs so we can examine this issue more closely.

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