bad dates


No, that is not a Raiders quote —

“Date” dates as in the tragic courting ritual our society has melded into an extreme form of torture involving a man and a woman — or, if you aren’t straight, two people of the same gender — who are somehow trapped in the same room together with a suggestion romance might in some way ensue from the experience of small talk and chewing lettuce while surreptitiously checking your teeth to make sure there is nothing stuck on them that might make you look like a glaring dork to your prospective soul mate.

For some reason, people think of me when they hear about bad dates. I have no idea why –– okay I do but I am not telling — but I get lots of links and anecdotes. This started on FB tonight and mildly snow balled and I am not one to miss an opportunity to post something that requires the bare minimum of typing and wit from me so you get the benefit of the bad date snow flurry. Yay!


•from david l: :::The Italian from Brooklyn:::
[really this is all David’s fault too he started it]
•from raincoaster: :::Worst Date Ever, AKA Dear Rebecca:::
•from max: :::Breadsticks from Hell:::
•from tommy t: :::A Wink & a Slap:::
•from max: :::Run Olga Run!:::
•from teddy z: :::How Not to Act on J-Date:::


*Did you hit all the links? Do not be a fool! Hit those links!


where the art work comes from :
that is from garron nicholls

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  2. max

    I love that my comment “not that any of you humorless bastards will read it” is in the tweets. I have an ongoing sort of war with the political peeps on twitter who never appear capable of humor.

  3. veselina

    yeah, this made my day. it’s a scary world out there :))

  4. Mary

    When I was single, my other single friends and I used to have a game called “Can you top this?” One of my contributions: A man/lover I met in grad school in California later called me in New England, from his home in New Zealand, saying he thought we needed “more space.” What??? Should one of us move to another planet?!?

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