bad cheezeburger cat bad


Okay I feel bad about that dancing cat thing [not really] so to make it up to you [I so needed an excuse to post this] I bring you an exposé on the cheeseburger cat.


evil empire lolcat


*you did not know the lolcat worked for the empire did you?


where i found that evil empire cat :
i found that at rain’s where else would you find an evil empire cat?

okay, maybe at anita’s too
just not this time

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  1. Yeah!
    Death to all who oppose LOL Cats

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  3. Kym

    I suspect that poor flaming fellow was the writer of that blog, “Things White People Like.”

  4. and someone chuckles from the peanut gallery…

  5. Ceiling Cat will F u up.

  6. That’s what happens to me when I have too many cheezburgers.

  7. max

    Mental Note: Stay away from Rain on Sloppy Joe Day.

  8. Wow, it’s like you read Pumpkin’s mind. The Old Man accidentally kicked Pumpkin and I can’t wait to show him what could happen to him if he’s not more careful.

  9. max

    Oh he is in so much trouble.

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