bad attitude


I am walking —

Along Hollywood Boulevard. I am at the corner of Highland where all the street performers perform in between being rousted by cops for blocking traffic and getting in the way of lost bodies swarming a metro bus stop.

Two of the performers have a little organ set up and are singing songs for Jesus.

A car going by lays on its horn.

I think, Asshole.

One of the Jesus singers raises her arm over her head and shouts, Woo, Jesus loves you too!

She means it too. She thinks someone just honked because he or she loves Jesus and is expressing solidarity in God love.

I think someone just laid on the horn because he or she is an asshole and making a rude comment in the loudest most available way possible.

I think, Wow, my attitude really sucks — also the Jesus singer though deluded is having a way better time.


where the art work comes from :
that is from forsenonessenzialmente

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  1. petecrow

    time for my “jesus loves you story”, max — (let’s remember, ahem, that i am not a religious guy … so when i said “jesus loves you” to this guy i was being at best cynical and playing to the cheapseats) … the true story::

    i was coasting across rural missouri in one of my many sojourns in search of the remotest american hootervilles when i pulled into a one-pump station … the guy running the place got nasty when i produced a credit card and refused to take it — after we mixed it up for awhile i forked over cash deciding to end the conversation courteously and, (figuring i must be in the heart of the bible belt), i said as i reached the swinging screen door (“push to holsom bread” a sign on the door read) “jesus loves you brother” … and, whoa:

    bubba came over the counter — right over the top of it — and attacked me holding me against the wall and was grappling for a shotgun he had on the wall just above my heard as he yelled “you bible bastards — you get the fuck out of here” …

    i have always suspected this man did not love Jesus.

  2. Both ignorance and enlightenment are bliss Max.

  3. max

    Missouri is Bible Belt country?

    Woe, I stumble along somewhere in the middle.

  4. Deluded people generally have the most fun. It’s like taking acid, but it’s free.

  5. You need The Secret.

  6. max

    I thought that was an antiperspirent.

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