Okay, that took a little longer than the weekend. Oops. Mainly because I was struck down by some nefarious stomach flu right after the birthday. The irony of which is not lost on me since Sunday I should have been suffering a serious hangover and wasn’t. But Monday, when I got pole axed by the stomach flu, ow ow ow.

The party was great though. Yay!

Meanwhile, I am a lot better these days at keeping up the news and things o’ interest page at the AFW site so if you are jonesing for news and things o’ interest, stop by there :::news and things o’ interest:::

Also, I am registering March classes Character Writing and High Concept Writing. Both start March 15 and those seats are filling right now so if you are interested, drop me a line now at :::contact::: and more info on the classes is also available at :::classes:::

That is the news for now. Back to recovering from the flu.


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  1. I have it as well. Out of the frying pan, into the nuclear reaction.

  2. max

    Oh nos. Rain, I’m so sorry. You have spent more than your share of this year sick already. You deserve a break.

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