back to the cloister






Um. I am a nun.
An Episcopalian nun.
I am married to God.
This was a science project.
Nothing to see here.
Move along.





where the art work comes from :
that is nun in cloister by doris ulmann

40 Responses to back to the cloister

  1. Welcome back to the fold, Sister Max…

  2. max

    Thank you Miss.

    [Something about fold sounds wicked when you say it Vanessa.]

  3. Science Projects involving Nuns and God…I don’t know Max- I think there’s PLENTY to see here!


  4. max

    Wait till we get to the chemical interactions and explosions part. It will be fun.

  5. chemicals and explosions…Nuns and God.

    Man, this is going to rock.


  6. Good to see you back in the habit.

  7. Do NOT explode the cloister! Cloisters are pretty.

    Explode Mother Superior, maybe. I hear she’s a twit.

  8. max

    Firm, you are incorrigible.

    Pooks, those explosions were not my fault.

  9. max

    Say, also, Seattle did not have an earthquake and riots because I moved there, that volcano in Oregon did not go off just because I was there, Northern California was not hit by the worst rain storm in fifty years because I went home that winter, and Los Angeles did not have super fires, mudslides, and a grocery store strike and a bus strike just because I came back to Los Angeles.

    I do not know where you kids get these whacky ideas. Jeez.

  10. And here I thought I was just encourageable. ;)

  11. Max, I have a few ummm friends I want you to visit when ever you have a little time to travel.

  12. It’s like the beattle juice ad…… Need a natural disater or social unrest?

  13. max

    It was not me. I was at the library. Teaching blind people. To read. In braille.

  14. And I spent the weekend helping little old ladies cross the street- and that’s when I saw Max at the library laughing hyster- I mean, teaching blind people to read.

    In braille.

  15. Hey, anything for a pal ;-)


  16. In braille? What a touching story.

  17. Does the magic ever stop flowing from your fingertips?

  18. The whole idea just gives me… these little bumps all over my skin, somewhat akin to the words on a page, created for the visually impaired, though not spaced together as closely, and generally not forming words.

  19. max

    If you think my fingers are magic you should see my mouth.


  20. The magic flows out of your mouth too? In braille? You could teach a man a whole new language with a french kiss (or at least turn him into a cunning linguist).

  21. (I apologize. That was a hanging curveball that I simply could not allow to pass over the plate.)

  22. max

    “You could teach a man a whole new language with a french kiss.”

    And I have.

  23. I bet that set some tongues to wagging. Did anyone give you any lip after that?

  24. max

    You torment me on purpose. I just know it.

  25. Yes, I do. I am your pennance. Your pun-ishment.

  26. max

    You know I would taser you in a second in person Firm. You know that right?

    Firm: Pun pun pun —

    Max: Zap!

  27. Oh I know. But then you’d feel bad, and give me mouth-to-mouth in a way that would have me speaking braille and speaking in tongues.

  28. max

    No way. I might kick you in the ribs to keep that air flow going though.

  29. Just kick low… around the ones I don’t need.

    You know… the spare ribs.

  30. max

    You are so on ignore.

  31. “If you think my fingers are magic you should see my mouth.

    I haven’t heard magic whistling in years.

    I am honestly shocked Firm didn’t manage some sort of “habit” joke.

  32. max

    Oh my God. Do not encourage him.

  33. AJ, see the 5th comment. ;)

    Get thee to a punnery!

    Ignore? Max, you really must do better than that. I learned how to deal with “ignore” from my sons years ago. :D

  34. “Get thee to a punnery!”

    Ok…that actually made laugh. Very few internet things manage that.

    “Oh my God. Do not encourage him.”

    Too late.

  35. [Lingers in the batter’s box, pencil in hand, pointing at the spot in the bleachers where that pun landed.]

    I can die peacefully now.

  36. Jesus Christ, there’s no need to comment on these perversions. Ya’ll are doing fine on your own.

  37. Amen Stiletto, Amen.


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