back behind the line


sheepJesus God.

[Someone hold the Evangelicals down when I say that ow.]

Okay, so far I have heard about one Wal-Mart employee who is dead trampled to death by holiday shoppers and two people dead after a shooting at a Toys-R-Us store.




For Chrissake’s people that is not worth dying for that is not even Gaultier.


where the art work comes from :
that is from alvaro herreras

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  1. It is crazy out there.

    I went to Saks. At 3 p.m. It was quite civilized. [And 70% off]

  2. max

    Well I hope you went armed shooting fellow shoppers just spells Christmas spirit you know.

  3. The truly sick thing is that I don’t think we had one single combat related casualty on Friday… Only consumer relate ones.

  4. max

    Well also, a children’s toy store? What kind of lunatic draws a gun in a children’s toy store? Bullets are not picky. They could have hit little kids.

  5. For some reason WalMart wanted to inform the public through their press release that the employee who was killed was a temporary seasonal worker


    So, he wasn’t a ‘real worker’ thefore- what? It didn’t matter that he was stopmed to death?

    WTF indeed.

  6. Maybe it speaks more to the quality of person such stores attract?

    I know that sounds incredibly elitist of me, but WTF. When was the last time you heard about a shooting at Bloomingdale’s or Brooks Brothers?

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