baby ahoy


babyA friend of mine —

Is expecting a baby. He assures me he is totally prepared for an infant because his cat is just as noisy and demanding as a baby. I think he may change his mind when he encounters the joys of changing diapers they do not make clumping diapers yet.


where the art work comes from :
that is salad bowl a by tennborn

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  1. They do sound exactly like mewing little kittens when you first get them home from the hospital.

    Not for long though. That is just the noose to get you into the harrowing world of parenthood.

  2. max

    Okay that is a little creepy. Babies meow?

  3. Their eyes also glow when they get mad and their heads spin around but us parents don’t usually fess up to that or the human race would die out.

  4. He doesn’t have to put his cat through college either…

  5. max

    Also the cat won’t want an allowance, its own room, TV, cell phone, Xbox, and a car.

    [Okay actually knowing this cat it wants all those things but let’s not think about that.]

  6. On the other hand, you can’t dress a cat up in cute little outfits… no, wait….

  7. Kym

    A cat’s disdain for its owners pales beside the disdain of a teenager for his or her mother.

  8. You can’t lock babies on the balcony late at night when they make too much noise.

  9. Um, Stiletto, you actually CAN. But you only get to do it once…

  10. And who says you can’t put scoopable litter in their diaper?

  11. And who says they can’t throw it back at ya.

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