australia is really weird


Watch the background.



7 Responses to australia is really weird

  1. That’s so funny. When the golf cart came sliding in I thought they were going to stop the fight.
    Guess this happens every day over there.

  2. max

    What do you yell on a golf course when kangaroos fight through I wonder?

  3. Oh my god, awesome! You had me at the music!

  4. Kym

    I’m thinking it’s golfers who are weird–not Australians! Who would be trying to play through that?

  5. max

    But they are Australian golfers.

  6. I guess it must have been the ‘roo breeding season. What I can’t work out is whether it was two males fighting over a female, or a couple who are into very rough foreplay!

  7. max

    Dom kangaroos?

    Nah, they would be wearing leather….

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