assassin mail


lettersUm. There was a —

Small accident with blonde assassin mail and blonde assassin letters that were going to go up here got disintegrated.


If you sent a letter, well, sorry, that is gone. Do not despair though. Just write a new letter.

[Wow, how easy is that? I am such a solver.]

Say, in the interests of fun though, could the letters maybe not be about things political? I am trying not to go there.


Love and Kisses,

Your [Ash] Blonde Assassin


*you too can write the blonde assassin just send email to blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com


0 Responses to assassin mail

  1. Dan

    Wait…so, Assassin Mail has been assassinated? I like the symmetry.

  2. So if some assassin assassinated The Blonde Assassin’s Assassin Mail, should the Blonde Assassin assassinate the assassin?

    (Man, that’s a lot of ass. I like it.)


  3. max

    I call that sass.

    [I so did not just type that I have been hanging out around Frontier too long for sure.]

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