as good as a cartoon


This so cracked me up.




where i nabbed that bear warning:
i nabbed that bear warning at rain’s

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  1. It’s true, too.

    Check out the opening bit in Endless Summer II; Alaskan surfers getting down to the beach past about two dozen grizzlies. While they’re out in the waves, one of the bears takes to poking around their boards. Voiceover: “Hmmm, smells like longboarders.”

  2. max

    The one time I have felt true dread was when this damn bear in Northern California was staking me out. I felt fear of that bear like I have never feared anything before or since.

  3. This is funny.

    When we went to Alaska, we had read so much about grizzly encounters we actually bought those bells and wore them.

  4. Dan

    I’m concerned that I might encounter “fresh bear activity” the next time I go camping.

  5. max

    Bells. Oh the humanity.

    If you are in bear country, you buy yourself a canister of “Counter Assault.” That is bear spray. [Not pepper spray. Which mostly is crap and won’t even stop a human charge forget a bear. Bear spray.] It can [not always but more often than not] deter a bear attack. You get the inert training canister too and you use it so if you get charged you actually know how the bear spray works and are not standing there trying to read directions and find buttons when a charging bear hits you.

    Bells. Jeez.

  6. So since I’m living in Alaska I thought I should contribute. This sign is awesome, but scary. The bells can actually attract grizzlies because they sound like birds. It’s better to talk, yell, clap or sing to announce your presence. Also, anyone who can actually aim, and use the bear spray when being charged by a grizzly is my hero. Cause damn.

    You know how to tell the difference between black bear poop and grizzly poop? Grizzly poop smells like pepper and has bells in it.

  7. max

    Rachel, when did you move to Alaska? What?

  8. About eight months ago. And sorry for the awful bear joke. I couldn’t resist.

  9. max

    Wow. That is a big move. Kudos. Did you get to take the piano?

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