aragorn? what?


Sheesh —

I just took the Which Lord of the Ring Character Are You quiz.

And it said.


There was not a single girl on that quiz answers list so I guess the quiz did not have much choice but to give me a guy. Still, I do not want to be Aragorn.

Do Aragorn sure, but be Aragorn?

Dumb quiz.


By the way I was going to skate through May without mentioning the dreaded holiday but after reading all the holiday spirit filled blogs around here I am overwhelmed with the spirit so I will spread a little post holiday joy :

:::mother’s day:::

Never say I am not festive. Yay!


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  1. I thought that link would take me to that funny post you wrote about Mother’s Day being the only holiday women don’t have to put out.
    Where is that post?
    It’s one of my favorite Max posts.

  2. Holy long quizzes Batman! I am “Merry.”

  3. You could have been the Ring. That would have sucked.

  4. sulya

    I am a apprently a small plump hobbit named Sam (80%). With a close tie between Aragorn and Gandalf at 73%… Don’t know what to make of that save that I should probably shorten all my pants…

  5. Aaargh, 70 questions!

    —> Legolas (87%)

    Elrond 80%,
    Frodo and Pippin 73%
    Gandalf 63%
    Aragorn, Boromir, Saruman 53%

    Gimli 3%

  6. Dan

    I’m Frodo.

    At least you get to be a king….I’m Elijah Wood…

  7. Come on, Aragorn totally rocks.

    I’m a Gandalf tied with an Aragorn.

  8. max

    Well, yeah, if I have to be one of the guys, Aragorn is all good. I think you get him when you say you tend to lead and are too dumb to know you are outnumbered.

    Don’t you love the scene where this whole freaking horde of orcs is coming out of the trees and there is Aragorn standing by himself and he looks, and then sort of shrugs and just raises his sword?

  9. Thanks, Max. Funny how I thought that was a Mother’s Day post.

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  11. max: when they shot that the director spent like an hour getting the guys who played the orcs all riled up. These were boxers and wrestlers and rugby players and brawlers, big bruisers and the director wanted them foaming at the mouth. Viggo said he took one look and “was prepared to run my ass down the other side of that hill” but it all worked out well.

    The hobbits took him surfing one day and he caught a surfboard in the eye and that is why most of the Mines of Moria scenes are shot from his left side. Apparently his right profile looked like someone had driven back and forth over it.

  12. max

    It is such a great moment.

    Also never surf with hobbits, it is a rule to live by.

  13. Saruman…my son will be so proud.
    He loves the Lord of The Rings.
    As for me…I went insane from listening to my son go into great detail about these books and movies years ago.

    I’m going to go into a corner and weep now.

  14. max

    LOL — you are so Saruman.

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