apocalyptic horoscope dilemma


stop pleasureSo. It is the beginning —

Of the month. That used to mean climb into body armor and go to Susan’s with back up to be mocked and abused.

We boycotted Susan last month. We just did not go.

But. We still need horoscopes.

Oh the dilemma.


Meanwhile, a fun astro site is :::astro::: where you can amuse yourself looking up compatibility forecasts.


where the art work comes from :
that is stop pleasure by inframel

22 Responses to apocalyptic horoscope dilemma

  1. If you want scary-accurate, try Town and Country (I kid not). If you want entertainment, try the Onion.

  2. max

    Town & Country the magazine, or online? What I saw online is a yearly overview.

  3. Let me help you out here, Max.

    Feel privileged, I don’t do this for just anybody.

    Water will play an important part for you this month.

    You’ll encounter someone from your past, and water will be involved. This encounter will seem trivial at the time, but later you will realize just how important it was. This someone will be male or masculine.

    Choose vibrant colors over earthy ones this month. They’ll do you more good, and you’ll feel better about the things that happen. Not just in your wardrobe, but in all things.

    You would do well to be a bit more tactful this month, but don’t lose sight of your assertiveness. You can be forceful and yet graceful. You can command presence and respect without hurt. Go for it, and you’ll get what you’re after with less muss and fuss.

    Pay particular attention to your scent, someone will be sniffing you unexpectedly.

    I’ll give you more when I get it.



  4. max

    Janie, that was lovely. Do you even know what astrological sign I am?

  5. Susan scares me.
    I made fun of pyschics again…I’ll bet she knows. She sees everything you know.

  6. Of course I do, silly. You’re an Aquarius, which probably explains all the water connections I’m getting.




  7. P.S. It’d pretty hard to for me to give you a reading if I didn’t know your sign, don’t you think?

  8. P.P.S. And what’s up with you and circles this month? Something about a circle, a loop, the letter o or a zero or something? Not a ring, I don’t think, but definitely round.

    Way big for you this month.


  9. I love Town and Country Astrology too! I also get these emails from Star IQ where your planets are.
    Where your planets arep It says 6 to 10 a month but I don’t get that many.


    I am sorry, I messed up the link. I haven’t had much sleep. I mean I am just stupid. I think the free offer is on the right hand side…..

  11. max

    That is fascinating Janie. I did not know you did that.

  12. max

    Jennifer I am going to check that out.

  13. aj

    I am that desperate I just read Yahoo’s horoscope for the day.

  14. max

    I spent an hour last night hitting every free horoscope link on astro and playing the kid point click game.

    We have reached horoscope gutter here.

  15. Heh. I don’t, max. I just pulled some stuff out of my butt.

    Look out for them circles, though. Really big.

  16. max

    Oh you fibber.

    You cannot get that stuff without being something —


    That is it. I am sending you email.

  17. Water, Max. That = Cancer!

  18. Either that or you’re going to win that poetry contest – you know, the one where you talked about drowning someone in water!

  19. max

    Oh well if I win the poetry contest it will be on a friends and popular threats vote probably.

  20. Sent you one back.


  21. max

    I thought maybe you were doing tarot cards or something.

  22. The method is less important than the result, Grasshopper.


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