another night another 911 call


red shoes by hartleyI am so tired of —

Charming Upstairs Neighbor Guy. Of his posse. Of his cursing. Of his yelling. Of his phone calls. And now, of his fighting.

There is always a posse. They always party late. Whatever they smoke is awful and not Marlboros the way they hack up there they must be smoking pine cones.

Tonight at least five of them were fist fighting in the street outside the building, someone was zapping a taser off over and over again, someone was yelling about a broken nose and blood. They were pounding into the building. Slamming around. Pounding back out and fighting more. Lots of cursing. Lots of flesh smacking flesh. Lots of zapping.

I stayed away from windows. I do not know how crazy those whackjobs are and wanted a lot of building between me and them if someone pulled a gun.

I called the cops.

The fighting guys heard sirens and all hustled inside.

After the cops left one of them went out and stood in front of the building, shirtless in some 1940’s hat with a taser he kept firing off. I told him go inside or I was calling the cops again.

It is hard to sleep when stuff like this goes down. It is not just the shouting and cursing and sound of bodies smacking bodies. It is the adrenaline.

They are fighting again too.

They have such lovely mouths.

The cops are back again. Six cars. I guess they got more calls. Maybe it will stop now.


where the art work comes from :
that is a shot by lara hartley

19 Responses to another night another 911 call

  1. Conundrum

    You find and post the most interesting photos. They add immensely to your great writing.

    This upstairs guy’s disruptions are even more annoying than the paparazzi’s helicopters following Paris everywhere she goes.
    At least the helicopters leave eventually.

  2. max

    Thanks, Conundrum. It is like film writing — the image and words are supposed to combine to be more together than they would be alone. That is the idea anyway.

  3. No jokes here-
    exept I hate the smell from the Tasars.
    You’d think THAT alone would make people stop whatever it is they’re NOT supposed to be doing.

  4. max

    It took them forever to settle down. First they were regrouping. Then there was lots of water works, I guess sluicing off the blood. Then they had to spend the next hour and a half reliving the glory in boisterous stereo.

    They are such deviant fucks. You know they went out hunting last night and just dragged the trouble back here.

    Oddly, Bi-Polar Violent Neighbor Guy who likes to pick on women does not mess with these guys. Not a word out of him to them. Pansy boy.

  5. Sounds like the Jack ass crew! Night vision and a bebe gun. A blow dart would be more fun.

  6. Kym

    The photo looks like something shot in the trenches of France during WWI. Your story sounds similar.

    BTW, I love the image of smoking pine cones. I get the sound of their hacking immediately.

  7. max

    Jen. These guys are crushing faces and volting people. You do not take a bebe gun to that kind of fight.

    Kym, isn’t that photo beautiful? I saw it a while back and remembered it for this and had to go hunt it up again.

  8. Just be careful that you don’t end up as one of the Times’ weekly “stats…” I’d miss you.

  9. I have been traveling and I want to come over there with a camera and catch these idiots in the act. Or start sabotaging their rides or something. I want them to stop and I want to kick some stupid boy ass and I do not even live there and have to put up with this.

  10. max

    It used to be just nerve shattering and unpleasant here what with psycho faux record producer guy and domestic violence guy. But those guys are pansies, they pick on women, they cannot fight, they just shove and slap and shout.

    This is different, these guys can fight, fight for keeps, and are dragging their crap back here.

    What the hell are they? They are not Hispanic, and the Hispanics stay mostly east of Vine anyway, and they are not Asian, and the Asian guys stay mostly downtown and by Little Korea anyway. And they are white. So what, Russian? It is so weird, they look normal. A little tatted and pierced up, but that is pretty ordinary for around here. And then they open their mouths and filth pours out. And they have enforcers with tasers outside the entryway? Of my building? Where I live?

    Management is “saddened” their last talk did not work out and will “talk” with them again.

    Yeah. That’ll work.

    Five months till the lease is up. Hmm.

  11. They’re Primitive Screw Heads…I said it, I said it…hahahahaaaa!

  12. max

    There is no such thing as too much Army of Darkness. Yay!

  13. sulya

    I just finished reading “A Dirty Job” on yours and Ginny’s recommendation and all I can think is that what you really need here are the hellhounds.

    I’m just not sure whether or not they should eat asshole lunatic fuckhead guys or naive moron management guys first…

    Hmmmm… think think think think…

  14. What a nightmare. Psycho. And real life scary. Ditto what woeful said.

    Well, I brought a little present to cheer you up. I thought you might need a good laugh:

    Actually, I’m wavering between hysterically funny or extremely creepy…

  15. max

    Sulya, I love that book. I pitched it, got scooped, pitched it to the people who scooped me. I would have loved to do that movie.

    Channel, I am going with funny as hell. I have to post about that now. Too funny.

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  17. hey, remember when I made a joke about people locking their doors? Then you mentioned how you live near crazy people?

    Well I take it all back, again.

    You need two more locks and that taser they were playing with, eesh!

    Be safe.

  18. Damn, sorry to hear that not much has changed. That sucks nuts BIG TIME!

    I’d say more, but lord knows how they’d like to sue me for what I’ve ALREADY said! HAHAHAHA!

    Keep your head up Max! Be safe and be well…


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