another day another christmas miracle


So —

Despite travel and sleeping in strange places and hauling suit cases about, the shoulder is [remarkably] still improving. Really. I can actually sort of lie on my right side if I am careful. Which is totally a Christmas miracle and maybe come 2010 I will actually have a fully functional right shoulder.

The downside to this is, after almost nine months of no exercise because of a shoulder down, now the shoulder is getting better, I have to start exercising again –– starting from a really tragic place.


[Didn’t I do this last year with the cracked rib?]

[Okay cracked ribs only last a couple months. This was nine months. Ahhh!]

This is so going to hurt.



*not one word from the preggo corner either i know just what you are thinking


where the art work comes from :
that is from stellazinë

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