lady doctor by john woodwarkI have a history of weirdos messing with me. You know, the guy who took one class, showed a day late, bounced his check, started showing up at the office after hours in a weird disguise like big sunglasses and a big hat when it was totally dark? Called me from jail, collect, after promising he would stop calling and also stop swinging a baseball bat outside a local cafe asking strangers if they know Max Adams?

That kind of strange?

That kind of strange hits often enough, you get a little just not comfortable with people who could put a name and a website down, but choose instead to be labeled “anonymous” and use email addresses at hotmail and yahoo.

I think about this, I figure, Hey, it is probably totally harmless.

On the other hand? I just do not need to be worrying about blog posts or who they are from or what they are about or whether approving it means I am about to take a new fun hit from the whacko crowd.

So. Here is how this works.

You respond around here? You use a name. I do not care if it is made up. Hell, Janie flat out says she is totally fictitious. [Happy birthday Janie.] But —

I can look at her site pages, I can see what she is about, I have a feel for who the person is who is posting. You come in here with the tag “anonymous” and no website and some “guess who” account at yahoo?

You are getting deleted.

No offense. I just do not need to be worried about this stuff.

Love and Kisses.

That Not Anonymous Adams Girl

where the art work came from : images by john woodwark

22 Responses to anonymous

  1. Bravo! I occasionally get flamed in my comments. I just go into the comment itself and change it to say really nice things–whatever is the exact opposite of the original intent. Usually shuts ’em down pretty quick. But then, I have never had a batboy either. Not that I want one…. No batboy! Hear that, Universe?! No, I’m fine! No batboy! We’re all good here in Pantsland, really!

    (Though batboys are why I want a gun.)

  2. I’m with ya’ Max. I may be a work of fiction, but I’m certainly not anonymous.

    In fact, it’d take like one minute for someone to find my author’s own blog, if they really wanted to. It’s not a big secret. Hell, it’s in my blogroll, and in the “UDoJ’s other blogs” section, with a picture!

    But come ’round my blog with some anonymous, no link, no blog, no name B.S. and you go right in the spam bucket. ‘specially if you’re mean to me right from the get-go.

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes, and right back at you, Max. What do you want for your birthday? OOoooo I just thought of something else to add to my list. Gotta go.

    Kisses Max!

  3. max

    I think the funnest thing I have ever heard is going into the comments and totally changing them. That so cracks me up.

    You Suck!

    You so Rock!


  4. It’s a lot of fun. It’s pisses them off cos they want the world to know that they hate you or whatever. Fine and dandy, but since I pay for my space, you will adore me, dammit! (I’ve only had a handful that I’ve changed in the last 7ish years of blogging.)

  5. max

    I am so adopting “you will adore me” as a personal credo. Yay!

  6. max

    Oh, by the way, I am really mean, I mean, not me really, but I do come from THE FAMILY OF MEAN. Which means [fun scary word choice] you are so fucked if you play games around here.

    Just thought I would throw that out there. I feel kind of bad stripping people of all self meaning or value who do not have forewarning.

  7. I think the funnest thing I have ever heard is going into the comments and totally changing them. That so cracks me up.

    Oh everybody loved the Big Green Marker back on blogger. It’s a shame I can’t seem to get WordPress to let me change the font color in someone’s comments, just so it’s obvious which parts I changed.

    Disemvowelment is a blast, too.

    Hey, if you come on someone’s blog and start off by insulting them, you deserve what you get.

    My motto is right at the top of my side bar –
    “Don’t like it? Don’t come back.”

    Here is a pretty good example of the Big Green Marker in action.


  8. Oh no! That may have been me, Max! My machine froze so I had to reboot and WP logged me out…Being the naturally lazy person I am, I didn’t log back in, but I made a comment on your site. However, I thought I typed in my initials and email address. Sorry!

  9. Good for you. On the one hand, safety and zero-creepiness is enough reason to applaud you. And just to add a delicious cup of coffee, making people stand behind what they say will always win awards with me.

    One of the truly unfortunate things about the internet: anonymous people have the ability to be total idiots or be totally dangerous and have somewhat equal footing with experts and regular people.

  10. brut

    I’m not anonmyous am i? (that’s a hard word to spell on a gallon of home made hooch. Hey, once it’s open ya gotta drink it or … something happens.) Brut, they don’t know me, but that’s the name ya gave me. n’est pas? But i do adore you… oops, coming honey. gotta go.

  11. Little known fact:

    blipey was the first victim of the Big Green Marker (before it was even green)(but just in a cute way, not a bad way at all – blipey is at the top of our list of favorite commenters – and he’s really hot!)

    blipey gets marked up

    Ahhh those were the days…

  12. max

    Gee, Blipey seemed like such a nice quiet boy.


    Stiletto, you are in so much trouble.

  13. You see Stiletto…. they always come back to the scene of the crime! You busted!

  14. I love Janiebelle’s green marker solution. LOL.

  15. that green marker rocks!! Want one…why don’t we have one eh? No fair!

  16. Gee, Blipey seemed like such a nice quiet boy.

    My mommy told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

    Of course I generally ignored that, but I did parlay her advice into “If I don’ have anything useful to say…”

    As for “nice”, I think I may be in trouble there.

  17. What??? No blockquote here! I’m outraged.

  18. max

    The comment area is weird, it does not allow blank target links either. I wonder if color works?

  19. max

    It doesn’t. Drat.

  20. What??? No blockquote here! I’m outraged.

    Your blockquote worked fine, blipey, you just forgot to close the tag, so your whole comment is indented.

    No color, Max. I’ve tried everything I can think of to resurrect the BMG, but I’ve come up empty.

    That sucks.

  21. max

    There is probably a way to do it altering the CSS and putting in a separate color and style text, but that requires a lot of work I am not going to be trying.

  22. I never forge…ah, hmmm; how does that go

    It’s a good thing I sign my comments, else I’d be sent to the lovely rubber room.

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