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Paybacks are a bitch and revenge is fun.



where this comes from :
doy it is a continuation of the gummy bear porn wars

where the art work comes from :
miss pants just happened to have gummy bear art i could swipe….

36 Responses to anita marie

  1. It’s wicked
    It’s evil
    It’s nasty
    I LOVE IT!

    but ahem…is that a BLOND Gummy Bear? HEYYY NOWWW…….

    Anita Marie.

  2. max

    Laughing this hard has got to be wrong.

  3. No…just don’t think of running water and Noah’s Ark and the ocean and rain storms…and water balloons that when they pop and BIG GIGANTIC WATERFALLS THAT JUST POUR OCEANS AND OCEANS OF WATER.

    I can’t wait to pass this on Max…it’s to much to bear alone and I’m cracking up like crazy…

  4. I always make my gummi bears enact naughty situations. So there will be more fodder to come. :-)

  5. max

    I remember first seeing those on your photo page and flashing to the gummy porn wars and thinking, this is so going to come together as a post some day. Then I forgot all about it till inspiration struck today.

  6. My gummis also like to rally around the bong, but all those photos are “friends only” so you’ll have to have an account and let me know so I can add you to that filter list.

  7. max

    Okay that would be too dangerous I would fall in love with a photo and desire to post it would tear me up inside until I was a bitter husk of a girl.

  8. So long as it’s not on MY blog, I don’t care.

  9. max

    [hacking pants’ site….]

  10. Ok Max, this is the first laugh I’ve had all f#E^$& day! Thank you so much!

  11. max

    It worries me my most inspired moment this week was putting text on a picture of gummy bears engaged in a carnal act.

  12. It worries me that I’m eating lots of gummy products this week minus the carnal acts.

  13. Minus the text too.

  14. max

    Be strict, make those gummy bears do tricks.

  15. Wow! You did that text? That’s AWESOME!

    Be sure to add that to your resume! lol

  16. max

    Oh you are full of sass.

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  18. No really, I like it!

  19. max

    Pants did the text on the other boyfriend pic and hers has a fancy outline. We are hell on wheels around here with text.

  20. Why don’t you deface Pumpkin’s pic? Go ahead…make my day! lol

  21. Interesting photo…. I think it’s breaking about a zillion commandments, like, thou shalt not cause thy blog-mates to pee their pants in laughter….

  22. Stiletto is lining up her cat as a sacrifice in the google war? How twisted is CHEATING Gummy bear boyfriend porn?

  23. max

    I am not defacing Pumpkin’s pic. Pumpkin is family. Quit it.

  24. “Pumpkin is family. Quit it.”

    All the more reason…

  25. gummy bears never tasted this good.

  26. max

    Pants. You used the lolcat generator?

    Oh the humanity.

  27. max

    [Anita Marie you cannot fool me I know if you play that gummy bear backwards it will tell you to kill your parents and classmates that bear is evil.]

  28. ( A.M. slinks back off into the shadows, laughing to herself )

  29. I just tried the generator but it didn’t have anything clever to say. Looks like I’ll have to rely on my brain. Sheesh.

  30. max

    It is too bad that was not around when I put together the dogs and cats sites. Coming up with 500 insulting things to say about George Bush was…

    Okay actually it was not all that difficult.

  31. sulya

    Why do I feel like in the next frame of this gummy scene one of the gummies would have his head bitten off ?

    Why does that then make me giggle like a small child?

  32. Cuz you’re sick, Sulya! Sick, sick, sick!

    But we love it. Giggle away!

  33. Stiletto, you say that like it’s a bad thing…


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