anita marie?


girl in hatIs that you?

You are so busted. Now stop that right now :

David Tenanant Stalked by Psychopathic Shakespearean.


[Who comes up with a headline like that anyway? Jeez.]


where i got the art work :
i cribbed that off anita marie’s

7 Responses to anita marie?

  1. Kym

    Anita writes creepy stories but she would never do something like that…Would she?

  2. max

    Well no but when I saw that the first thing I thought was Anita Marie! And then I laughed really hard.

  3. max

    [If it was Bruce Campbell though….]

  4. LOL… Bruce Campbell!

  5. You know, I think I’ll leave it up to speculation.

    That’s so much more interesting.

    anita marie

  6. But my money is on Bruce Campbell.

    He’s getting ignored by certain people you know.

  7. Oh my god, too funny!

    Beware the Pez lady, David!

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