and your twilight character is....


twilight_coverHmm —

I am a guy again in one of these quizzes. Jeesh.



You are —


Kind, sweet, thoughtful, and a bit old-fashioned. You are looking for your true soul mate and when you find them you would die for them. Maybe people would describe you as irresistibly charming and gorgeous.


:::what twilight character are you:::


0 Responses to and your twilight character is….

  1. All good attributes to have, however. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Max.

  2. I couldn’t be a Twilight character as then the daughter would have to be nice to me and she simply cannot do that.

  3. max

    Happy hols Tri.

    Fork be nice to your daughter.

  4. Moi? I’m always nice.

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