and the winners are...


Taking Michele’s mad excellent advice DO BOTH —

[Michele is so smart]

These are the bathing suit dilemma winners :



Those are from Vic’s Secret and the results could be disastrous you never know with mail order I am most worried about that low ruffle I have a long waist and not long legs I hope I am not Stump Girl in that.


where those suits come from :
those are from victoria’s secret

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  1. Hey, I like the little yellow one but you might want something higher cut then, for the legs.

  2. max

    Oh you mock my pain.

  3. Kym

    I love the color of that little bikini thing. That will look great on you.

  4. max

    Thanks Miss. Probably those will be showing up today. I wonder should I anticipate or fear the delivery?

  5. I know, I’m laughing too…

  6. Not crazy about the colors but the suits are cute. Keep us apprised, please!

  7. Actually, I want to add, I envy anyone that can get away with that daring yellow. More power to you!

  8. max

    Well I do not know if I can yet I am just trying new things.

  9. max

    Woah. The bathing suits so do not work. Especially the little yellow one. It is very cute in front but in back that ruffle goes across the absolutely widest part of my butt — that is so a place I do not need emphasized and expanded.

  10. The bait depends on what you’re trying to catch.

  11. max

    I do not know what you try to catch at the beach but I am usually trying to catch waves or shade.

  12. A ruffle across the back is not a good thing for anyone I think. They should have just had that on the front.

  13. Then what difference does it make what you wear? T-shirt and hat will do for that.

  14. max

    “Then what difference does it make what you wear?”

    It makes a difference to me. I like pretty clothes.

    You get to stand in the raging sexist corner now for implying it does not matter what a woman looks like if it is not for the benefit of a man.

  15. You’re reading a lot (of sexism) into my statements.

  16. max

    Does that mean you did not mean “what does it matter what you wear if you are not looking for a man”? Because that is what it looked like you said to me but I could be wrong.

  17. Well.. let me check The Men’s Manual on this….

    I can’t disagree that a reading of the words – on one level – it can mean that – in the extreme, but that sure wasn’t my intention.

    You aren’t shopping for a wetsuit. You aren’t going snorkeling. You are buying a swimsuit. It doesn’t matter to me how you dress, but this choice indicates you are dressing for some purpose. You want one which is pretty and will aid attractiveness… no? You rejected the yellow one because it doesn’t complement your legs, and the frill makes your butt look big.

    Now in The Man’s Manual, it says, I should never say anything at all remotely like that… so, it looks like the prom date is off.

    If you’re going to splash around in the water, what does it matter? A T-shirt will suffice.

    Are you dressing to feel some particular sensibility or mood? because that also could be your intended catch. I can’t imagine either suit would suitable for crabbing.

  18. This exchange poses a very interesting question…and would make a great post.

  19. Last time we were at the beach I caught Aunt Flo.

  20. max

    Doug, I just like to feel pretty. I have always liked feeling pretty, from age three when I would play dress up in my mother’s high heels to today when a pretty bathing suit makes me happy.

    Stil, I remember. Those were rugged cramps.

  21. max

    Oh, there is another side to all this too. I have been with men who would say something like, “Who cares what you wear? I do not care about that.” As if it were all about what they wanted or cared about, not what I wanted and cared about. I think experiences like that make me a little twitchy on the subject of clothing and men.

  22. :-) So, the prom date is on… and you can wear whatever you feel good in.

  23. Men are so silly. Don’t they know we really dress for other women? At least that’s what I hear.

  24. I reread that whole comment thread. That was of the more satisfying ones I’ve participated in. I miss Firm.

  25. max

    Firm was a lot of fun. A terrible punster, but still a lot of fun.

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