and so our story begins

I have been threatening forever to edjumicate you heathens on the Sailor Moon saga. So our story begins —


And just for Stil, the origin explained [you crack me up] :

Okay, for you Stil. In the beginning, a beautiful queen lived on the moon with her beautiful daughter and her court and ruled the galaxy with kindness and life in the moon court was good. And the queen’s name was Serenity. And her daughter’s name was Serena. And there were princesses from other planets as well. Like Jupiter. And Mercury. And Venus. But then —

A long exiled dark force returned. Queen Beryl. Who had harnessed powers of darkness and ruled through fear and cruelty and drained the life forces of others to fuel her own power. She had been sent to another dimension, a dark dimension. But she gathered force there and broke back through.

There was a terrible battle. And the queen of the moon was losing. Her last defense was the imperial crystal in her sceptre, which held immense power. And with that power, she forced the dark queen back into the dark dimension —

But she was weak. Her power was diminished, and the imperial crystal all but drained, and she knew Beryl would return. So with her last strength, she sent the children of the moon, the moon court, and her daughter forward in time to be reborn. Hoping that, in the future, they would find safety and sustenance and be able to gather strength and knowledge in order to face Queen Beryl on her return.

That last effort shattered the imperial crystal, and it went forward in time too, lost in pieces on the planet Earth where the children of the mooon would be reborn.

It must be gathered back together, and the children of the moon must remember who they are, because Queen Beryl is about to return.


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  1. californiablogging

    7-7-07 and you put up Sailor Moon! This is a good omen!

  2. I’m gonna go play with my Pez Gun now.


  3. Eddie

    Freeze, Max! Please step away from the purple tennis shoes.

  4. max

    I love Sailor Moon. How do you save the universe when you are failing math, grounded, and just want to go to the mall? It is a great story.

  5. I want to me edjumicated-
    I’ll borrow the DVD’s from my niece- who in turn borrowed them from my son.

    Nope, ain’t kidding.


  6. max

    I have the first three parts dubbed in English I figured I would put up here but not all at once.

  7. Yay! More Sailor Moon.

  8. no thank you. Rerun hell I’m sure. it’s a setup…you’ve posted a yogi bear cartoon under the fakey looking page above.

  9. Ok, now it’s painfully apparent that I’m the only idiot not familiar with this whole Sailor Moon thing. And I still don’t understand.

    As LK said, Grateful Dead must be a white people thing.

    Wow, Ok, I watched it. That queen has a big ego. But those cats..are so cute! I don’t know why but I enjoy seeing talking cats.

    Thanks Max.

  10. max

    I do not do Yogi Bear.

  11. max

    Wait, you said you did not understand BEFORE you watched it?

    I just went and typed in the whole origin story under the show just for you.

    You are in so much trouble.

  12. you what? That is exactly what joan of arc said, and you know what happened to her.

  13. max

    Yeah but Joan was not trained in firearms and did not have bear spray. I think I can take ’em.

  14. californiablogging

    I liked reading it. The girl who got me hooked on Sailor Moon, Anime all together, stopped by tonight. What a co-inkydink. ( well, I did text everyone and their mother to buy me a lotto ticket ( 7-7-07 ya know ) She showed up with lotto ticket, and fortune cookies! Sailor Moon fans are the best.

  15. i dunno. booboo kicked droopies ass in a drunken brawl at the Pink Pussycat Bordello. They may be a match for you.

  16. max

    I know Sailor Moon real well but my Sailor Moon story ends sort of in tragedy. I sold The Forge, D.I.C., and Disney on my Sailor Moon live action here in the States. And later when Gena Davis and her guy broke up, kept Genial Pictures on board. And later, when it turned out D.I.C. did not have as many rights as they had sort of implied, still kept Disney on board. That is not easy to do. Sell three companies on the story and keep everyone wanting to do it even when things keep spinning south. And it got real close. I had a contract in my hand and commence orders. Which means, they said, Start writing. And three days later the phone rang and they said, Stop writing. And for two years after, Disney and the Japanese negotiated and negotiated over this project. People were flying to Japan to make this happen for meetings. But after two years not being able to reach an agreement, it was over. And I will never get to write this movie.

    It is still in my head though. [smile]

  17. well, I’d really like to get in your head for some live Sailor Moon action…. doens’t sound right but it does sound like something i’d say : )

    I know what you went through on a smaller non- international, non- commence orders, non- Disney….. oh well, I have no idea what you went through……but more than one hollyweird break up screwed up my deal. Oh and one Hollywood hook up screwed up a deal for me too.

    Better luck next time Max!

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  19. Darkling

    If the later episodes directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara appealed, you might like his own series REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA. Overlong in the middle (I suspect a brush with popularity was unhelpful) but it’s a Jungian fever dream with gorgeous art. It doesn’t make sense, but feels like it should.

    Handily, it’s just been reacquired after its original US licensor fell over.

    (First time caller, long time listener)

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