and now in an uncharacteristic move


eng tech’s kittehAnd because it cannot —

Always be about me. [Well yes it can but it does not have to be.]

And also because I need to re-tilt the karmic scales o’ justice after that stunt with the poetry contest

Eng Tech is in a blog face off. This is really a David and Goliath face off too because Eng Tech is little and the other blog is ginormous. Also Eng Tech should win.


Five Reasons Eng Tech Should Win :

1. Eng Tech has a super cute cat.

2. Eng Tech is the reason there are daily photos on Celluloid Blonde.

3. Eng Tech is funny. [Also look at that cat’s cute ears.]

4. Eng Tech has cute sassy friends it is fun to ogle flirt up read.

5. And the most important reason : Max Says So.


Vote for Eng Tech. Yay!

[You thought I could not use my powers for good, right?]


where the art work comes from :
that is eng tech’s cute cat lifted from internet duct tape

66 Responses to and now in an uncharacteristic move

  1. Talk about neck and neck woa! I voted but I bored to death here…. sucking chocoate off of expresso beans…..yeah the diets working.
    How come you are invisible?

  2. max

    Yes they are very close. Thank you for voting you.

    Who is invisible?

  3. You are back now. Your picture was missing for a while, I thought you were changing it or something….. weird.

  4. Another reason to vote:
    Engtech once gave me a tshirt


  5. Engtech didn’t left a comment on my blog that said ” I made the Mistake of Buying The Man With The Screaming Brain “.

    That’s A Bruce Campbell Movie…hey, I actually said something worse.

    And it was funny.

    Okay, I’ll vote.


  6. Done… I’m usually pro underdog.

  7. Eddie

    Done. This time I just took your word for it.

  8. Eddie

    Oh yeah, USA! USA! Nothing against Canada or any other country, but God, do I love this country.
    (sorry if that’s out of line, Max)

  9. Kym

    I feel like I’m in fourth grade voting Missy for class president because Craig Lehman said so. She/ Engtech probably deserved/deserves the vote but I’m incompetent to judge.

    I’m justifying this on the grounds I had to look up ‘non-abstruse.’ Engtech obviously is superior intellectually! Go Engtech!

  10. I’m not sure if this will help cure your karma dilemma but it’s worth a try.

  11. watches as max tosses a good karma grape at the bad karma leviathan…

    nice try…and it gives me a new site to look at

  12. max

    I like to think of karma like a bear. I do not have to outrun karma. I just have to out run you, Criminy.

    Kym, read that piece about blogging that is linked by why there are pictures on Celluloid Blonde, it will give you ammo.

  13. max

    [ps : yay, eng tech is pulling ahead, yay!]

  14. I think i could take you in a footrace. I however am so busily trying to stay one step ahead of my karmic dysfunction that I have no time for races.

  15. max

    Well here is the thing, Criminy. In the karmic foot race, I see myself throwing grapes and running, and I see you standing there poking karma with a stick. You cannot outrun me if you are too busy taunting karma to remember to run. I think I have it made.

  16. that was maybe the most insightful thing anyone has ever said about me. We’ve barely spoken a week. you are my new guru of insight. The queen is dead…long livce the queen.

    hey, I’ll buy a half a pound of those grapes off you. I broke my stick

  17. max

    You really want to add a half pound o’ grapes to that forty pound pack you have already got on your back?

    You are never going to outrun me Soldier Boy.

  18. that story is from a time before your birth, max. The pack has been gone a long time. I didn’t think anyone read that one. You must of been way bored

  19. max

    “You must of been way bored.”

    Criminy, if I handed you a hammer, you would hit yourself with it, right?

    People who have been in real destructive relationships over an extended period of time tend to hit themselves first because it disarms in advance an unacknowledged opponent who will have something nasty or depreciative to say to them. “You cannot say something hurtful to me I beat you to the punch and did it better.” But I have no reason to say anything hurtful to you, no one here does, so you can stop saying it first.


  20. so thats where that habit comes from?

    your request is granted along with my apologies.

  21. and hell no i’m not hitting me with a hammer. Got grapes?>

  22. max

    Have a grape. They are delish.

    I have to go back to the trenches now. Do not hog all the grapes there better be some left when I get back.

  23. waits

    steals the grapes

    don’t work to hard

  24. max

    That is very funny. Thank you for the grapes. You crack me up.

  25. you do know criminyjucket is a pseudonym? my real name is jiminycricket. You can call me jiminy since we’ve shared grapes.

  26. max

    Criminy is more sexy.

  27. and sexy is good right?

  28. max

    Of course. All the men who post on Celluloide Blonde are damnably clever and sexy. It is a rule.

  29. pardon me while i cordone off clever. *s*

  30. max

    Sorry. No cordones.

  31. max

    Damn. Eng Tech is falling behind.

  32. damn. I don’t do sexy well.

    no hammers…that w as plain old true

  33. engtech is down by half, dammit.

  34. Kym

    I don’t want to ruin any good karma but, since engtech is behind, you do realize that you can vote again the next day. (Just a little bit of online voting I learned from the Browncoats.) I tried it and it worked today.

    Embrace the karmic bear!

  35. You you can vote again the next day?

    Does he even know that?

  36. Damn it, do something, Raincoaster. Why don’t you promise a topless pic or something?

  37. Karmic bears, hmm. Would those be of the gummy kind?

  38. max

    Oh wow. Good idea. Rain post a topless pic right now you have the biggest site you can bring the numbers in for sure.

  39. max

    You know Eng is Canadian he is probably too honorable to suggest duplicitous voting.

  40. We can put together “The Women of WordPress” – you know, a Playboy style blog shoot.

    I’ll gather up the women and supervise, you and Rain submit pics!

    You’ve got to help me out, Max! I made promises…some big Italian guy named Marco the Switch is going to come after me and slice me up if I don’t deliver the goods!

  41. Ooops! I mean – if you don’t deliver the goods!

    I’m gonna end up chum!

  42. max

    LOL — I do not have a digital camera I think this one is up to Rain.

  43. max

    Wait. Can I do this in body paint? I would totally go for it in body paint. Of course I would need volunteers to take the photos.

  44. Body paint is excellent! Leaves much more to the imagination!

    Isn’t Jennifer your neighbor or something?

  45. I’ve used Sharpie Pens. But when it comes to certain this I’m sort of stupid.

    But I have gotten the Henna Tatoos.

    Over the years as some of my friends have gotten married we’ve gotten the Henna tatoos on our hands and feet.

    It’s way fun, you should try it sometime. It’s not Body Paint- but cool all the same.

  46. looks at the camera…starts packing

  47. The Sharpie Pens gets them every time.


  48. max

    I have had the henna hand tat.

  49. Sharpie pens smell really bad.

  50. max

    I am imagining Anita as a kid going to work on her sleeping sister with a Sharpie pen… wonder what she drew?

  51. Cooking Instructions.

  52. max

    I should have known the answer to that question.

  53. wait a minute…you mean like thaw for 12 hours, then baste? or like recipes for other things?

    I think I mentioned macabre

  54. My Dad was a top drawer Chef so it was cooking directions with little dotted lines and all.


  55. max

    OH wow. Dad must have gotten real strange looks when people saw his little girl all fixed up for preparation.

  56. i think anita has been sniffin her sharpies to long. *s*

  57. Well you know how it goes Max,
    at some point I quit surprising people.


    And FYI I don’t huff sharpies, I sniff Pez dust.


  58. max

    I think it will be a long time before you stop surprsing me Anita.

  59. max

    Eng is getting his furry kitty butt kicked. Everyone vote again to at least make it respectable.

  60. would that be like cheating? ah who cares, he’s david…goliath needs trounced.

  61. max

    No that would be the American way. Or did you miss those last two elections?

  62. i stay sort of in touch on the election things. I like to think of it as my morbid curiousity run amok.

  63. Cooking instructions. Anita is practical.

  64. I would have drawn REDRUM and played The Shining every opportunity I got!

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