and now for a competition of another kind


Ooh la la —

It is a competition of another kind. It is the Plus One Competition. Yay!

This is not my fault. It was Donna’s idea. Really. I was saying on FB that it is tragic I have this plus one to the Nicholl Fellowships Awards Banquet and all my single guy friends have gone and gotten themselves married off so now what do I do? And Donna said, Oh it is obvious essay contest! Yay! And the “WHY I WOULD BE YOUR BEST DATE FOR THE 2010 NICHOLL FELLOWSHIPS IN SCREENWRITING AWARDS AND BANQUET” essay contest was born.


Enter at your own peril.


*note, no entry fee is required this is a not for profit competition


where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle

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  1. Lucian Dixon

    Oh, this sounds like fun. Way more interesting than real writing. I’ll get right on it!

  2. I am very surprised that there aren’t more posts here by now… this should be interesting.

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