and now because i am evil


Time for The Dancing Cat. Yay!

[wait for it]



[stay frosty it is coming]


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  1. Kym

    Hmmph, like I have nothing better to do than wait for a dancing cat–now a nearly naked man. . .

  2. Remeber Darren McGavin’s evil mutterings in ‘A Christmas Story’ (by the way, the funniest by far character in the flick)?

    But it does remind me of the old joke, ‘how do you keep an idiot in suspense . . . .’

  3. Brut

    I don’t see the cat. Does anyone see the cat?
    Forty five minutes… still no cat!

  4. max

    Darren McGavin will always be Kolchak to me.

  5. Kym

    I think I saw some reruns in the 80’s of that show and loved it and McGavin. I wonder if I saw it today if I would still feel the same.

  6. max

    Scifi Channel runs the whole series back to back. It is very campy and fun and Darren McGavin rocks and just is the show. They tried to remake the series but they put in some “cute sexy competing reporter is annoying and goes on all Kolchak’s cases” angle that ruined the show. It is too bad the concept is good and the star was Stuart Townsend who should get more roles.

  7. One of my friends gave me the first season of the Stuart Townsend Nightstalker series on DVD- I liked the way they implied a lot of the scary stuff and left things to your imagination- but you’re right Max, the sidekick was a mistake.

    Kolchak is SUPPOSED to go it alone.

    Oh well…it’ was still fun to watch.

  8. max

    Yeah, I do not know what they were trying to do, make some sort of X-files dynamic there or something, but that did not work with the premise at all and just fell flat.

  9. This is so mean because some of us wear eyeglasses but are too lazy to get up from the computer desk and get them and when you are sitting here squinting for ten minutes it can cause wrinkles.

    Bad Max!

  10. max

    Bad Max? Didn’t I say I was going to do that but maybe I should not and didn’t you say “Do it!”

    Sheesh this is Stilleto influence at work.

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  12. That is a hitchhiking cat and he is long gone.

    Now what do those tire tracks say? Is it “Happy toes”

  13. max

    That cat is for sure Irish.

  14. Funny thing about McGavin – the two things I remember most about him when I was in the tail end of grammar school – when he was Kolchak and when he was a Marine D.I. brutalizing Jan Michael Vincent in that ABC movie of the week, “Tribes.”

    Kolchak was my secret role model when I was in the journalism biz – attitude AND bad wardrobe.

    Now that’s a flashback. I’ve got to sit down for a few minutes . . .

  15. inbizible kat.

    Kolchak was teh ossum.

  16. max

    We be in yer deevees steelin yer Kolshaks.

  17. Ok, I am so dumb this morning! I fell for this…again!

  18. max

    You crack me up.

  19. max

    [You guys know six days later Brut is still watching for the cat, right?]

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