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net stockingsYes it is return of the dreaded —

Eight Freaking Things Meme.

[Didn’t this thing used to be Five Freaking Things? When did it go up? Is it going up again? Soon? This could be injurious.]

This time Eight Freaking Things is brought to you by Other Channel — who is too young and innocent at blogging to know how much trouble tagging gets you in. [grrrr]



1. I think the new acne soap is making me break out.

2. A girl in the post office glared at the back of me today so hard my ears have laser singes.

3. I once killed a man just to — wait, sorry, channeling Johnny Cash there. Um —

4. I got sympathy email from somene who thought Scott was my father. This is disconcerting to me.

5. Memes require way more alcohol than is in my system right now — or ever.

6. I am a size four — send strumpet & pink.

7. Is it wrong to fantasize about ex boyfriends? Really really sexy ex-boyfriends?

8. I wear a silver collar with a bell on it for special occassions. And nothing else.


[No wonder that girl at the post office was mad.]

Stilletto will kill me if I do this to her again so you are off the hook, Stil. Okay, who has not done one of these in a while? Or ever? I tag —

ginny | criminy | tj | sulya | michele | aj | rachael | summer bee

Okay that is eight whew.

[Good God I hope all those links work.]


[um, i lost the artist, check back, i will find him]

43 Responses to and another thing…

  1. Well that was pleasant- I can’t wait to see what keywords Google will grab from this one.

    I am not Anita Blonde



  2. max

    Oh you devious woman.

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  5. Yes! That is the best birthday gift anyone could give me – no memes today!

  6. Happy Birthday Stiletto!

  7. max

    Happy Birthday Miss.

  8. Oh, yeah, that story line… where the innocent protagonist unleashes the demons of hell.

    You don’t have to be a mathmetician to realize in just a few steps your reach over 2 million people. Someone will have to stop the madness.

  9. I’m so glad I tagged you because no one else will do it (not even my husband, but at least I have special ways of convincing him). My friends all say “but it’s not THAT kind of blog…” Whatever.

    Loved the responses from your posse. A witty bunch. And good sports to boot.

    Anita Marie – I’m from Seatle! I tried to comment on your blog but I need a wordpress account. Coming soon.

  10. fine….i’ll do it, but I’m not talking about anything the statute of limitations isn’t up on

  11. max

    A meme in the hands of an irrascible man is a beautiful thing to behold.

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  13. PS Please elaborate on Number 8. Consider it my birthday gift!

  14. Is #8 when you turn into a cat, Max?

  15. i know the irascible thing wasn’t meant for me.

  16. max

    “Is #8 when you turn into a cat, Max?”

    That is one way of putting it.

    “i know the irascible thing wasn’t meant for me.”

    It was.

  17. max

    [ps: how was the birthday?]

  18. people say that all the time. I just don’t see it.

  19. max

    It is those sassy knickers.

  20. i have never worn knickers in my life. I wear britches

  21. max

    Hmm. Another YouTube discrepency.

  22. are you nearsighted? Max Magoo?

  23. max

    I am farsighted. Farsighted Adams.

  24. oh hey….cool….are you patch’s mom?

  25. max

    I am no one’s mom, Fresh Stuff.

  26. yeah, and I’m more of the “day old” kinda fresh

  27. max

    Those self image seminars are really paying off for you.

  28. the instructor, Rodney Dangerfield, really knows his stuff

  29. max

    Okay Rodney is a day old. Back of the fridge you go.

  30. next to the arm and hammer….my usual spot.

  31. I’m easily forgotten…me and the arm and hammer both expire before were noticed again

  32. max

    I do not think there is any arm and hammer in there. It is a pretty small fridge not much gets lost in there.

  33. its just the fava beans and chianti anyway right?

  34. max

    Cigarettes, strawberries, Diet Coke, and lettuce. I so need to do a supply run.

  35. no kidding. roscoe would like it, but your average carnivore would have to fend for himself

  36. max

    There is also some cottage cheese, I might be able to squeak by a day on cottage cheese and strawberries but sooner or later the inevitable will strike, starvation or supply run.

  37. I went this morning. she did not as requested bag it all alphabetically. The kids and I now have enough dead animal carcass and the related side dishes to last another week

  38. max

    Well you have to do that. You have three young humans depending on your hunter gatherer skills. Me, in a pinch I can knaw on a lettuce carcas.

  39. hunyrt/gatherer has to be a lot easier than what I do, but I see your point. I could live on the empty boxes for at least a week

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