amptp rides again


tv violenceSpeaking of Stalin —

The AMPTP is now dicking the actors around.

[How, um, out of character.]

AMPTP Dicks Actors Around.

Hopefully SAG [that is the actors’ primary union] can hold steady, but if AMPTP [that is the association of motion picture and television producers which really means the iron clad fist of a few very big corporations] pushes too hard, which AMPTP is already doing by delaying negotiations till after the SAG contract expires, there will be another strike. AMPTP will of course blame the actor’s union. Just like last strike when AMPTP blamed the writer’s union. Funny the only entity central in every strike sitch is AMPTP.


What that means to you : Say good-bye to your shows again.

If nobody writes shows, shows do not air.

If nobody acts in shows, shows do not air.

Oddly, if AMPTP evaporates tomorrow, shows DO air.

Just what is it AMPTP contributes again?


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  1. max

    Um, someone tell me what the hell a “possibly related post (automatically generated)” is doing on my post? WTF?

    Where is Rain. She will know. Rain? Help?

  2. It’s another benefit of WordPress – they try to jazz up traffic between blogs by cluttering our post screens with stuff that is possibly related but probably not related posts.

    Enjoy – I’m not.

  3. And how in hell did this batik print avatar crap start again?

  4. max

    That is not feng shui. That is like the magic links thing Bill Gates got ripped up for.

    [Ahem, if anyone from WordPress is looking that was so violently unpopular Bill Gates pulled the plug on that take a hint WordPress?]

  5. max

    Okay. I found the controls for all that and turned off bandana avatars and the related links thingamajig. Woof. Back to hating on Nick Counter and the amptp.

  6. WordPress is turning into a buncha varsity assholes

  7. max

    It is like coming home and someone has moved all your furniture without asking. Sehr annoying.

    No one cares the amptp is prepping to starve the actors [and any survivors of the last strike] out huh? Buncha uncaring bastards. Jeez.

  8. Hmmm… and I always thought AMPTP stood for Assholes Making Profit off the Talent of Performers.

    Learn something new every day…

  9. max

    That is much more accurate. You are so smart.

  10. Well, it all makes perfect sense in our perfect world of perfect subversion of supposedly perfectly American principles of decency and fair play.

    Kinda like the neocons running the place.

  11. max

    Someone is going to have to re-chip that statue in the harbor’s stone tablet to say something about apathetic and plausible deniability. Sigh.

  12. Kym

    Is the writer’s union doing any support stuff? I know its still pre-strike but are there any ideas rolling around?

  13. max

    The writers’ union stands behind and supports the actors’ union. Right now though there is not a lot WGA can do. It is SAG’s negotiation. I figure SAG and WGA heads are conferring. They did that during the WGA situation. But outside of that, if AMPTP wants to push for another strike, AMPTP people will do just what they did last time, pit the unions against each other, walk out on meetings, ignore proposals from the other side, and wait and watch while the clock ticks down to the contract expiration date in June. If that was not their intention, they would have been negotiating in good faith already for months. They aren’t. They are following pretty much the exact same pattern they followed pre writers’ strike.

  14. I had not seen this til now.

    Not again, sigh. Just in time for summer, too.

  15. max

    SAG is being polite and trying to avoid a press war so it is all pretty quiet right now.

  16. Michael Russnow

    Regarding the SAG/AFTRA Negotiations and their conflicts, I think it appropriate to take a look at an article I recently wrote for The Huffington Post

    It features a couple of one minute videos by German Film and TV actors, Andreas Stenschke and Detlef Behr, who expressed support for the WGA Strike, but speaks to the betterment of U.S. actors and the hopes that foreign actors can achieve the same results in Europe, which Americans have taken for granted over so many years.

  17. max

    I watched the first clip. Wow, Europeans are burned. No resids. That sucks.

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