all your facebooks are belong to us


you are borg queenIn the last four weeks —

I can count two, count ’em, two days in which someone has not mentioned facebook. It is like The Borg. Everyone I talk to is saying facebook facebook facebook.


*i feel like ripley last surviving crew member of the nostromo


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  1. Wait – Kitty – you have a Facebook? Ooo, now I must go friend you ;-)

  2. aj

    It is just an easy way to keep in touch with friends and alleged relatives abroad, Miss Adams.

  3. Kitty is on Facebook? Cool! I am going to see if I can use my sleuthing skills to find her!

    Max, join the club! You know there all all sorts of privacy settings you can put into place, right?

  4. Ubiquity in the Internet age means that Facebook is over…


  5. I’m trying to use it to drive my political friends crazy. I send them David Tennant links and pictures and youtube clips of him as well.

    I hate facebook.

    HATE IT.

  6. Well facebook I facebook would facebook never facebook talk facebook about facebook facebook facebook even facebook if facebook you facebook paid facebook me facebook

  7. What you mean AJ too?
    She got me on there last year. LOL.

    Now join us, I say.

    Seriously, I think after these last two storms, all my coastal friends saw how easy it was to know how everyone else was doing… I think that got a lot of people who normally wouldn’t be on there to join up.

  8. max

    You are The Borg. I knew it.

  9. Facebook. Gads, somebody got my on myspace and it’s a disaster. I get emails from people who want to friend me and sometimes I even know who they are–and of course, I don’t even remember how to log on there, I hated it so much.

    And now I’m getting invitations from people who want me to be Linked In.

    And I’m all like, why?

  10. I would just like to point out that after all was said and done, Ripley didn’t survive either.

    That is all.

  11. max

    Your dark side is showing Lou.

  12. Kym

    I just want to point out that Lou likes being multiple personalities and the dark side. I suspect he dresses up for Halloween in a Darth Vader suit that covers a Princess Leia in chains costume. He is not to be trusted. Ripley did sooooooooooooooo survive
    :covers eyes and sticks fingers in ears:

    Facebook is evil. Myspace is evil, too but lots of my favorite relatives use it so I do it begrudgingly. Please please don’t give in the dark hordes of Facebook.

  13. Max,

    That’s not my dark side, those are my knickers.

    Princess Leia knickers, to be precise.

  14. Princess Leia didn’t wear knickers.


  15. max

    Fork! Jeez. That is no way to talk to Princess Leia no TV for a week.

  16. Ahhhhh, mom! But Co-Ed Confidential: The Sophomore Year is on this week.

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