all prettied up

birthday bathIt does not matter how far off the day appears, it still always arrives by surprise as if overnight. This may be because it does arrive over night. But it seems stealthy the way it does that.

My hair is done. My nails are done. I am all prettied up.

Today the agent.

Tonight the roof.

And. I have been real good and got better I get my merlot.

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  1. Cheers Max…all the way from Seattle, WA



    I hope all goes well with the agent and glad to hear you are all better just in time for your big day. I’ll be there in spirit tonight on the roof (in case you notice some missing Merlot).

  3. max

    Thanks you guys. This is such a nice birthday. I am loved. I am well. And tonight, merlot. Happy sigh.

    [Okay, I know, way to easy to please. Smile.]

  4. I believe that I will sip a bit of merlot tonight in your honor, Max.

    Oh wait. Drinking age. Ok, KATE will sip and I will of course not touch the stuff.

    um… youbelievemeright?

    [insert angelic innocent smile here]

  5. Sophia

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Yes, you are loved. My body may be miles away, but my spirit is there with you, on your roof, with you and Kitty, Merlot, cake and a beautiful sight.

  6. brute

    it’s night… here anyway, coal-tar black… no moon no stars. the roof is full of snow, the crisp kind that squeaks under foot. it’s beautiful… quiet. i popped the cork and i’m a sippin. here’s to you, Max.

  7. aj

    Happy Birthday, Adams.

    I see you got the pig I sent.

  8. Beth

    Happy Birthday, Max!

  9. max

    Thanks all for being with me on the birthday.

    AJ, yes, I named him Frodo.

  10. aj

    Frodo. I like it. I had hella trouble getting him into a freight box you know.

  11. max

    That was a freight box? By the time he arrived that looked like a truant Venecian blind. Do not think the customs people smile on pigs arriving wearing venetial blinds either. Luckily I could bribe them with Australian licorice so they let Frodo and me slide.

  12. Happy birthday, Max. I’m sipping merlot with you.

  13. “I’ve been real good and got better” Merlot ? You get a get out of jail free card for that! Happy Birthday!

  14. The mud was courtesy of Thursday night’s chat. Some pig, AJ. LOL.

  15. yeah Max, it’s your birthday, chat?

  16. Max is probably watching Grey’s when she could be chatting with the cupcake sistas.

  17. aj

    “cupcake sisters” LOL

    She is addicted to Grey’s. I don’t blame her, although I will have scrap over McDreamy if it comes to it.

  18. aj

    It might not be Grey’s though, she could just be full of merlot and is now just a lump on the floor.

  19. She can’t possibly be working on a script on her birthday, right?

  20. aj

    You don’t like the lump theory?

    Suggesting she could be working on a script is giving her too credible an alibi, when really we could come up with many elaborate reasons why she is not around, which would be way more fun.

  21. Mirco found her blog, they got a chatroom, and she leaves McDreamy all to you. (what’s she gonna do with a couple of cupcake sistas?)
    I HAS to be that.

  22. max

    You tp’d the blog on my birthday? You are in so much trouble.

  23. aj

    It was Sophia’s idea. Kitty and I just caved with threats and peer pressure.

  24. max

    Ooh la la. New post: “Blame it on Sophia.” I wonder if South Park has a Sophia character.

  25. aj

    That Sophia is such a bad influence. Lucky Kitty and I band together for support.

  26. max

    I am so avoiding “flour” stuff.

  27. max

    Oh I checked chat and you guys are not even in there. Fibbers.

  28. Oh, phooey, I am late in the evening, but I hope you had a happy birthday, max!

  29. max

    It was perfect, Toni. Thanks.

  30. Hope you had a happy one Max.

    Hope you drank enough merlot to give Mirco a big kiss.

  31. Sophia

    Aj, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m ignoring you.

  32. aj

    Oh, single me out why don’t you, what about Kitty huh?

  33. Sophia

    It was not Kitty the one who said it was my idea and it was definitely not Kitty the one who called me bad influence. And it is not Kitty’s butt the one that is about to be kicked.

  34. max

    Isn’t there a morality clause in the KR fan club? Like you cannot beat people up in pubic if you are an officer? Or do I have that backwards?


  35. Look at Sophia playing innocent.

    She had it all planned out. All this song and dance about her dial up being too slow to take part in the tp party.

    Aj, Isn’t Sophia cute when she plays innocent?

  36. AJ, why are we protecting Michele? She was in on it too, Max.
    Same story, dial up. Meanwhile gullible AJ and I are the only ones to leave evidence.
    AJ, we have to watch out for those two.

  37. max

    Wow. You are taunting a Greek woman. That is so brave stupid courageous foolish insanely dangerous um, well, way to live dangerously.

  38. aj

    Yes, the Sophia dance is rather entertaining.

    A little jig to left — “it wasn’t me Max” — a little jig to the right — “it was AJ and Kitty”

  39. max

    That is not a jig, that is the time warp.


  40. aj

    Oh, and about Michele “go to Max’s blog, it’ll be fun” quickly turned into “sorry guys, my dial up was playing up”.

    We were played Kitty. Us innocent, gullible, delicate little flowers, were played.

  41. max

    Say, tomorrow is Feb 15 in Australia, isn’t it?

  42. aj

    Yup. And today is Valentines Day, the day of luuuuurve.

  43. aj

    Lucky us cupcake sisters stick together Kit, it would be a cold lonely world otherwise.

  44. max

    I have less than 24 hours to land a valentine’s day boyfriend. Maybe I should take the two surviving tim tams down to the pig n’ whistle and lure attractive australians.

  45. That’s right AJ.
    Where are our partners in crime?

    Uh oh, Max, not another Aussie pig.

  46. I’m talking about he pig n’ whistle.

  47. aj

    One Tim Tam will get you a date, two Tim Tams will get you a house in the suburbs and a dog named Rex.

  48. aj

    Kitty our partners in crime are in a dark corner somewhere with their heads lowered in disgrace.

  49. Three Tim Tams are nothing but trouble.

  50. Oh this is a big conspiracy. Even people who claim to not know us are involved.

  51. max

    Wow, if I was not a total tim tam hog I would be loaded for bear here. Tragically, I am a total tim tam hog and there are not three tim tams left and the two that are left are probably not going to make it to the pig n’ whistle. No cute Australians for me.

  52. aj

    Max, you believe us right? About Michele and Sophia.

    Kitty and I just do not have the sadistic mind set to pull of such a stunt on our own.

  53. You have any red wine left over from last night?

  54. Of course she believes us. Everybody believes us.

  55. max

    Um. I am hungover, AJ, not brain dead.

  56. max

    I have a whole bottle sitting here.

  57. Pop that bottle, I have a glass and we can do drunken blogging.
    AJ you have any booze?

  58. aj

    Phew. Glad you see it our way.

  59. max

    LOL — well that is one way to cure a hangover. AJ cannot drink though she still has the bug and you do not drink you will be snorting Coke Blak or something leaving me the only fool actually drinking.

  60. max

    Also I cannot drink on an empty stomach [well I could but] and the only things to eat here are lettuce, cottage cheese, and minestroni soup. I so need to forage.

  61. aj

    Go buy a Taco Platter and then we should all hit chat.

  62. Yeah, Max, get a chalupa and chase it down with some wine.
    I so too will drink a glass of wine. I swear on AJ’s soul.

  63. aj

    Kitty? I mean it’s not like we all have a great work ethic today.

  64. No, it’s not like we’re creating any stories, that’s Michele and Sophia.

  65. aj

    “I swear on AJ’s soul” – there goes my life.

  66. Wait, we’re the cupcake sistas. I swear on Sophia and Michele’s soul.

  67. max

    Wow you are assuming AJ has not sold that soul already?

    I have tacos. Life is good.

  68. I wonder if taco platters cure hangovers?

  69. Tacos, yay! Red wine, double vision yay!

  70. aj

    We are in chat Adams.

    I have not sold my soul, I am pure.

  71. Too pure to take a swearing on, too.

  72. Hmmm. Where is that innocent Sophia right now?

  73. Sophia

    You so took advantage of my absense but I hope you know you’re going to pay for it. Haven’t you two ever heard of “don’t fuck with Greeks”? Huh?

  74. max

    LOL — Sophia we are in chat.

  75. Sophia

    Chat? As in you’re chatting? Without me? How dare you!

  76. aj

    Oh I have heard of it, it goes something like this…

    “AJ, if you do not tp Max’s blog, a triaxle truck with Greek plates will mow you down in a quiet Australian street”

  77. You better drag your ass into chat, girlfriend.
    Max thinks I don’t say fuck on blogs… sheesh.

  78. Sophia

    I’d give anything to see you saying fuck on blogs. You says fuck on blogs anyway!

  79. Sophia

    “You” was supposed to be “who” but it’s 05:33 am here. Sorry

  80. Why is my name being used in vain here?

  81. Sophia

    Is that a rhetorical question Michele?

  82. Wow, I have never seen a blog with 85 comments with the exception of Perez Hilton’s. Congratulations!

  83. max

    You missed drunken blogging night. That was a big post night.

  84. Sophia is the queen of flour.

  85. Hey Max, how was Mirco last night?

  86. max

    Um. Mirco is an imaginary boyfriend Michele. He does not actually show up.

  87. How many comments on drunken blogging?
    (blink. blink. blink.)

  88. Well you could have “thought” he was there

  89. max

    I do not remember but it was a lot.

  90. Sophia

    Shouldn’t you worry, Max, that Mirco and flour got mentioned is such close references? Thank God he’s Italian.

  91. Of course he was there. She just doesn’t want to kiss and tell.

  92. Sophia

    No wonder she has a hangover.

  93. max

    Technically I passed out watching a Grey’s rerun. Mirco did not make an appearance.

  94. My my people sure are sneaky.

  95. Sophia

    McDreamy? Jeez, you’re so easy.

  96. max

    I am taking the fifth. Fresh.

  97. The fifth the whole fifth and nothing (hic) but the fith.

  98. max

    Wine does not come in fifths fresh stuff.


  99. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MA-AX. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  100. max


    [Okay how much of that wine have you had Kitty?]

  101. Sophia

    Happy Birthday, beautiful! [and get that bottle away from Kitty]

  102. It’s some old wine. Been saving it for the right moment.

  103. THere is way too much drinking going on here

  104. max

    Is not. Jeez. This is birthday festivity here.

  105. Confetti and noisemakers, this is one helluva roof party.

  106. max

    Did I mention I am naked?

    I look realy good naked.

    I just thought I would throw that out there.

  107. max

    [That one always slows people down. :::whistling:::]

  108. Actually, it sped me up.

    The birthday girl gets pictures of the other birthday girl in her birthday suit, right?

    Isn’t that a law or something?

  109. max

    Oh well you, Janie, I would never even try that line on you frisky girl. It will totally put brakes on straight girl frollicks though. It even scares guys sometimes.

  110. Their loss! I am not one to stand aside because everyone else is too afraid to eat the baklava.

    Now about those pictures…


  111. max

    You crack me up. Incorrigible girl.

  112. …and damned proud of it.

    The day I become corrigible, just stick me in a wheelchair and roll me to the old folks’ home.

    (To be on the safe side, you’d probably better have a casket handy. I intend to go to my grave all breezy under my dress. Just so y’know.)

  113. Between these two conversations, I just had a funny thought involving flashing the lunch lady at the old folks’ home, a wheelchair, and a heart attack.




  114. No, I didn’t miss drunken blogging night. I was just drunk….too drunk to notice lol

  115. Actually, you should schedule a monthly drunken blogging night. Which means I can catch it on just about any night.

  116. max

    I am awful fond of impromptu drunken blogging. It is just more frisky.

  117. …and frisky is always a good thing.

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