all hallow's eve


Tonight I know, truly, I am getting older. This is the first Halloween it has not been a goal to dress up and go out. Instead, I am at the computer writing assignments for a class and cast lists for a film.

If I pull off the film there may be a costume party though. Hell with that, a costume ball.

Sirens scream all over Hollywood. And I think about people past, in my life, and what All Hallow’s Eve means, really means, and would I really be disturbed if any of them showed up?

Not the important ones. The ones that mattered.

I think there has been too much death in my life. Halloween is different now.

And no, you cannot share any of my Reese’s. Get your own candy. Jeez.


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  1. I love All Souls Day. I think it’s nice to remember. (And if it’s nice to remember, hey, that’s what Reese’s are for. However — I have discovered Reese’s Big Cups, which are big thick peanut butter cups. They have various different ones but the ones I crave, the ONLY ones I love are the Big Cups with Peanuts. Aaaaaah! They are the best.)

  2. You can have my Reeses if you hand over the Almond Joys.

    Hey, if you have that big costume ball I’ll be there.

  3. Sophia

    You’re so greedy. Share!

  4. max

    No way. The Almond Joys stay with me. Fresh!

    This is going to be a great costume ball.

  5. What happened to the M&M’s? Are we cheating now?

  6. Won’t hand over the Almond Joys? You have such good taste.

    I’ll bring a beautiful golden platter of perfectly stacked Almond Joys to the costume ball.

  7. I’ve always wondered about that with Halloween – death and candy. I got in a bad car accident a year ago – I ate a huge quesadilla, a pot of guacamole and three flans when I got home. Life is sweet;)
    (and so are those Reeses!)–>

  8. ok, this one rings familiar…i don’t mean in a plagiarism way, but i’ve found common ground.

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