all hallow's eve


In honor of All Hallow’s Eve —

A fairy tale.




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  1. Kym

    Is this really because of Halloween or is all the death imagery because Nov 1 is upon us and you haven’t closed the deal before the writer’s strike?

    If it’s the later, I better bake some choc. chip cookies, pack the diet coke, and come cheer you up.

  2. max

    Well the goth is in honor of All Hallow’s Eve — and also maybe because everything in my body hurts right now including my breasts jeez how much heavy lifting does it take to make your breasts actually physically ache? — but pack cookies and Diet Coke too.

    [I so should have gotten tiger balm when Engtech said.]

  3. This sounds like Iron Maiden! I recognize the guitar work!

  4. My favorite band, by the way!

  5. californiablogging

    I am ready to scare some kids to death now. LOL Mood music!

  6. max

    I never thought Halloween was scary when I was a kid. Christmas, Christmas was totally scary, but Halloween was fun.

  7. Perfect like a spider web.

    And I’m with you on being scared of Christmas- all that cheek pinching- yikes.

    Hey tonight it’s cold, it’s foggy and before the sunset it was cloudy. In other words, it was a perfect start to Halloween.


  8. max

    Not to mention the large hairy man with unfortunate faux fur lapels and a predilection for red clothing and bad accessories who wants you to sit on his lap.

  9. Totally with you on the Christmas thing. How come that bloke in the red suit gets to do what he does with children in this day and age? Where are the PC brigade when you actually need the numbnuts to do something?

  10. max

    This reminds me of my all time favorite Christmas story : When in Doubt, Throw Hard Candy [aka The Santa From Hell].

  11. Kym

    I somehow missed this story before. This sounds like something that would happen to me. Only I still love Christmas.

    I have not been embittered like you all.

  12. max

    I am not “embittered” jeez.

  13. Kym

    embittered: adjective– Bitingly hostile, acrimonious, bitter, hard, rancorous, resentful, virulent.

    Nahhh! And, just like me, you still hang your stocking. NOT!

  14. max

    I hang stockings every which way — but not for fat hairy old men in patent leather boots.

  15. Kym

    Hey, I’ll take loot from anyone who’s passing it out.

  16. I’ve had this one on the back burner for a few days. It’s a long one.

    So you’ll be watching the movie, Wrist Cutters? I think that’s what it’s called.

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