all dogs go to heaven


This is floating around the internet and funny as hell to me. The story is, two churches across the street from each other got into a quiet fight with their signs. I have no idea if this is true. It is hilarious to me either way.

All dogs go to heaven….



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  1. On the street, I can just see old ladies from both churches facing each other down like a bad remake of West Side Story. :)

  2. Kym

    The last line from the Catholics is brilliant. Take that you grim DOGmatic Presbyterians.

  3. Kenzo

    Hilarious! Who says religion isn’t good for anything?

  4. max

    One of the problems I have with organized religion is “devout” and “humorless” so often tend to be synonymous. I am pretty sure the person who put those dog messages up could get me back into a church though.

  5. If you look this up on snopes, you’ll see it really didn’t happen. It’s funny, though.

  6. max

    Oh I would rather not know that. I figure if people can wander around blindly believing Bush is a decent man and was a good president, I get to wander around blindly believing this really happened. And my version of reality will not get anyone blown up. [wink]

  7. Mara

    this is great, I once saw a picture of a church sign that said, God loves everyone, unless you have tattoos then you are going to hell

  8. max

    That is very funny.

  9. I’ve never understood why people would go to all of the trouble of inventing a imaginary supreme being…and then make him a dick. It speaks to our low societal self esteem.

    There’d be dogs plenty in my afterlife. And couches…I love me a comfortable couch.

  10. This is hilarious!

  11. And toast, AJ. Don’t forget the toast.

  12. Oh my god, so funny. And A.J. Valliant wins for best comment.

  13. Donna W is such a killjoy.
    whay can’t people just appreciate a funny story without feeling a need to “set us all straight”?

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