alien revenge : for stiletto


bunny vs. alien

The aliens do fight back. [Requested by Stiletto.]


:::part i:::
:::part ii:::

where the cartoon comes from :
that is from the book of bunny suicides
by andy riley

12 Responses to alien revenge : for stiletto

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  2. The alien is still on the ground? He even rolled over!

    Oh this is even funnier! Thanks!

    I can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. max

    Rabbits have very strong back legs.

  4. Do they really?

    Oh no. NO no no. You just reminded me of something. We used to have a rabbit and my brother, well, never mind. Another story for another time. And I have the pics to prove it.

  5. max

    Well yeah. All that hopping. Those back legs are killer.

  6. I appreciate how they have the alien rolled over on the other side. True to life indeed.

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  8. max

    Ah. Archie has become addicted to the bunny suicides too. That is hilarious.

  9. I like his disclaimer that all bunnies are harmed in a consensual way? lol

  10. max

    That was funny to me too.

  11. Archie seems like a sweetheart.

  12. max

    Well you are a sweetheart I am pretty sure if a guy was weilding a chainsaw and wearing a hockey mask you would find something nice to say about him.

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