the wall board lives


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  1. The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.

    ITALO CALVINO, The Literature Machine

  2. That is a picture of Max, gone to the patent office.

  3. max

    I should have titled this “Waiting for AJ.”

  4. I would have called it
    ” Where the heck are the Diet Coke Cans? ”

  5. max

    Um, in the trash where empty diet coke cans belong?

  6. Oh you stop that right now, that is just wrong wrong wrong.


  7. max

    Hey it is not about the desk the desk always looks like that. It is about the wall board. The wall board AJ has been mocking me for not hanging?

    The wall board is up.

    [speaking of mocking though i should go roust pooks i have tormented pooks with my desk before]

  8. *looks around her desk and considers straightening it up and reloading the page, then gives it up as futile*

  9. That doesn’t look like a very comfortable chair, but maybe I am misreading it.

  10. max

    It actually is not all that comfortable, I have broken one of these too they are not really designed for hard time use and it lost all its stripping and stopped being adjustable — I just have not found the right chair yet so I got the same chair again till I do.

  11. Are you sure that’s a big enough wall board…? Doesn’t look very big to me… I think you need a bigger one…

  12. aj

    Holy Shit! It’s about damn time too, Adams.

    Where did you get the toggles? Where did you get the drill? Should I even ask? Probably not considering the instructions I gave last time we spoke…

  13. aj

    Your desk is still too clean to be healthy by the way.

  14. californiablogging

    I hurt myself when I clean that much. That wall board is way cuter than my cork board. Where does a wall board come from?

  15. Aha. It’s all about where she got the toggles and the drill.
    Should have know.

    Spill, Max. Where’d you get the stuff?

    [still trying to figure out the WD40 post…]

  16. max

    Well, I skipped toggles and just used really solid screws and screwed it in by hand. [You can do that stuff by hand it is just harder. Oog.]

    The really hard part is measuring to put up the bolts. They go through the glass and have to be in exactly the right place and I cannot hold that glass up one handed while making exact marks and holding a level but I had an epiphany and made a paper copy and used that to measure and put the bolts in and that worked.

    Jen, that wallboard is from Ikea, there is a huge story behind AJ having one in Australia and me seeing photos of it thinking it was cool and wanting one and her trying to order me one in the Stripes for Christmas and Ikea not mail ordering that item so me being driven from my home to go get one at Ikea and then it sitting for months while AJ steamed I had not put it up yet….

  17. max

    [by the way I am awake because someone in the building pulled the fire alarm at 4 am, oog]

  18. max

    [by the by the way : look how cute the giraffes are]

  19. californiablogging

    Max! You are so damn funny!

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  21. aj

    Oh my. You screwed it in by hand. Diet Cokes and Chocolate are in order.

  22. max

    Yes I was totally pioneer Max, no power tools required.

  23. sulya

    Man, the most bizarre home task I’ve ever done by hand was whip cream with a hand whisk. Not nearly so tough or so practical as bolts into concrete. And I’m pretty sure I was drunk at the time and my motives not nearly so noble…

    I tip my hat to you, in a deep and hearfelt bow.

    And your desk makes me want to cry.

  24. max

    Oh that is not the concrete wall, that is the drywall wall. The gray walls are concrete. The white walls are drywall. You cannot do concrete without a drill and mounts for the screws.

  25. Oh now you are in trouble. All this time I thought the wall was concrete. Good enough excuse for waiting to hang the board.

    But drywall? You need Hercules Hooks. No tools required.

  26. max

    No you do not. This wallboard has studs that afix to the wall and extend from the wall to go through pre-drilled holes in the glass extending the glass half an inch away from the wall and if those studs do not exactly match the pre-drilled holes in the glass you are fucked.

    Drilling the wall was not an issue, holding a thirty five pound slab of glass stationary and level to mark the wall and then mounting the studs exactly right and then mounting the glass on its studs and then sealing the studs, that was the issue. It only took me a week to mount a picture that just hung off a concrete wall and that required drilling the fucking wall and putting in eye mounts and then putting in hooks and that was easy compared to this.

    Anyone else who has a great big man around to take care of this stuff or is a great big man versed in this stuff want to give me grief on this issue?

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