mermaidSay. Did I stutter when I said —


Is one of the most important posts on the writers strike out there?

So tell me why are more people not linking to it?

[That especially means you, 5150 peeps, jeez.]

Anyone with an interest in screenwriting or hell just watching should be reposting that freaking link on as many sites as they can get their little paws on so people SEE IT and READ IT.

What is wrong with you people?

Go post it. I mean it. Right now.


*ps : thank yous to sarah who posted that link and is not even a writer you writers should be shamed — also big points to pooks who linked it first and toni who hello wrote it


where the art work comes from :
that is mer02 by ian sanderson

20 Responses to ahem

  1. I’m not a paid writer but I’m definitely a girl who writes for fun and sanity. (Even have the stupid piece of paper saying that I am Bachelortastic in Creative Writing and everything. Insane. I took classes to learn how to write creatively, an activity I’ve been doing religiously since I was in the 3rd grade.)

    So while I don’t get paid to do it, the fact that I respect the art and work that it takes to write for a living is what motivated me to post the link. And I’ll be posting it again soon, when I can actually take time out to form cohesive thoughts on the matter, as well as some of the other stuff you’ve linked and I’ve found out and about.

  2. max

    You rock.

    [By the way I should have prefaced that with screen, as in not a screen writer. You are definitely a writer.]

  3. Well, power to the writers and all. Plus, I like you so there’s that. :-)

  4. aj

    Wow, I haven’t checked your blog in a few days and when I do I am immediately in trouble.

    Tis rough parenting Miss Adams.

  5. I am really enjoying the writers strike commentary. You make an excellent advocate.

  6. Kym

    I’ve been following the strike but not feeling like I had anything to add.

    Okay, you shamed me into it. I done as you told me, ma’am.

  7. max

    Miss AJ, sure, but it beats being a duck. [wink]

    Mr. AJ, thanks. I really really hate politics of all kinds so when issues come to a point where I feel I must become involved I get really surly.

    Miss Kym, you did good. Yay!

  8. californiablogging

    Oh good cause I haven’t blogged today and have nothin to say. It’s interesting cause the new media and the indie people are using this to promote DYI. I say if you want to monetize your creative content in any way the writers strike is important to you. Wait, I guess I do have somethigng to say… will link ASAP

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  10. I’ll do it tomorrow, Max.

    Those brave WGA members are cutting a path for the rest of us. I owe them whether I become a successful writer or not.

  11. Done and done, Max. Hopefully, both people who read my blog will click on the link to Toni’s article!

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  13. max

    You rock. I am especially fond of “puts the smack-down on your cheap ass.” That is very funny.

  14. :)

    I do what I can to make people smile. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s half a buck.

  15. Max, I side with you, girl. I feel your pain. You guys are so obviously not appreciated!

  16. max

    You are a good friend Stil.

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