again i am drawn to the dark side


scottish fold I find myself —

Compelled to post this. In part for Stilletto’s benefit. You know how nice Stilletto is? She has never once complained about me not knowing which consonant gets doubled in Stilletto so doubling them both. She is that nice. Which makes you wonder what dark twisted part of me would think this is so funny I have to post it. And in part for her.

Damn. Again, I am drawn to the dark side.


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  1. Oh my god….you! YOU…

    I am not too bright in the morning so it took me twice to figure out what you were referring to…and what that object beneath that lovely Fold’s chin is….


    I thought you weren’t drawn to Sean Penn movies!

    BTW, this is how my cat feels right about now….since I switched her over to organic food!

    Great pic! Where did you find this?

  2. PS I am about as blind as a bat, and too vain to wear glasses even when by myself surfing the net…that’s why I don’t complain.

  3. You think it’s funny because it is funny. That and you’re smart enough to know that the lack of opposable thumbs would prevent the kitty from offing itself.

  4. max

    It cracked me up. I lost the source and cannot find it again.

    [ps: opposable thumbs are overrated]

  5. Overrated? Maybe, but as a general thumb rule, they do come in handy from time to time.

  6. Don’t know why they used a Scottish Fold. There are much worse cats roaming that would be put to better use as a poster child for animal suicide.

    Take my friend’s pet, Baxter, an anorexic and undernourished looking straight up alley ho. She used to hang with my cat, LSP, and try to get her into all sorts of trouble. I should have known she was a no good tramp when she bogarted the catnip and ran away from home and got knocked up. My friend actually had to take her in for an abortion (I did not know you could do this to animals) because he was honest enough to admit that her kind had no business running the streets.

    Baxter also violated LSP’s litter box which unfortunately was located in my bedroom (due to space contraints). I’d come home and find an odorous steaming pile of turd waiting for me and poor LSP would look at me as though the world had just ended. What’s worse is Baxter had no manners whatsoever as she didn’t bother covering it up! There it was, right out in the open, and always bright orange because of the cheap cat food she consumed (that is, when she wasn’t nipping at LSP’s bowl of designer).

    But the worse? When I caught that bony little bitch climbing up and down my silk Betsey Johnson as though she were practicing for the Olympics. That was the final straw. “Please God,” I prayed, “let Baxter run into the arms of an unethical Asian chef and have her be the special of the day.”

    Well, I just talked to my friend yesterday and he said Baxter has a bad urinary tract infection and is on anti biotics. See, there is a God.

  7. I find myself oddly charmed by Stiletto’s feline animosty. She’s like that kid that tells old people they smell, and feels wronged when she is then told to shush.

  8. max

    Well Baxter was just raised wrong it is not her fault.

  9. That kitty gets passed around the internets more than Paris Hilton, though I’ve never seen that particular iteration before. :D

  10. No, Max, Baxter was pure evil — cat with no conscience — as in a psychopath along the lines of Ted Bundy. This wasn’t nuture, this was nature. She was the stuff of Edgar Alan Poe stories.

  11. max

    Anita would so like this cat.

  12. AJ, I’m not sure how to take that so I’ll just say thank you.

    Missed Manners, I may very well steal some pics of the little trollup and pass them over the net but I don’ want to get into trouble for kitty porn.

    Oh, how could I forget? To add insult to injury, I allowed Baxter to play with LSP and while transporting her to my apartment she threw up in the backseat of my car – twice – and scared (and probably scarred) a car full of children behind us because she was foamy at the mouth and looked completely rabid.

    D swears his cat is prettier than mine…we have pics somewhere on to prove who is the rightful owner of that title. I should try to find the links.

  13. Funny, Anita popped in my head, too!

  14. Hey Max
    You’re right SO like this cat…hey, how did I miss this post?!


  15. max

    Oh wow, how did you miss this Anita? It is so you.

  16. I’m going to go weep in a corner, the it shunned me.

    I need a moment…

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