aesthetic mayhem


Say someone remind me to contact Word Press during business hours since they do not accept support mail any more after working hours [what is up with that Word Press the whole point of email is you do not have to be physically there to receive it] and I never remember to send email during business hours telling them the box on the bottom of the blog is heading east and also now a space has gone missing vertically between posts and all other posts are not meeting blog sides left and right this is aesthetics anarchy and mayhem. Jeesh.


On Monday the 26th I send email. Probably everyone is on vacation and it is a mistake email is even open but I send it off. Meanwhile aesthetic mayhem is getting worse. Now all the links in the bottom menu box are slowly sliding center and also east too. Does anyone have a magnet? Maybe I could drag them all back with a magnet.


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  1. Those sliding bits look great when filling in the comment form. Although, from my POV, they are sliding West!

  2. max

    It sure makes things interesting. Not exactly in a good way though.

  3. Max, oh this is so simple! You are a man magnet, therefore, every time you move around the menu box moves too. The only reasonable solution is to accept your fate as a goddess because being glued to your chair in order to keep the bottom of the page in order is not healthy for your legs.

    Or your ash.

  4. max

    Or your ash? Jeez, you do not get to play with Frontier anymore.

    You are so the man magnet it is you jet setting around that is pulling it astray I just know it.

  5. It’s a covert attempt to drag you with me!

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