adventures in cardboard


anticipation by chaovskyIt is box mayhem time.

When you live in a place with rooms you can designate one room BOX MAYHEM ROOM.

That does not work in a loft. It is one big room. That just becomes BOX MAYHEM ROOM.

It is a default thing.


Usually when you need boxes you must trot out to a box providing store and pay unreasonable amounts for cardboard boxes or you have to depend on movers to provide cardboard for more unreasonable amounts and all of this usually involves a lot of swarming around carrying boxes and paying unreasonable amounts.

It is all so unreasonable I kept a lot of boxes on hand for a long time through intangible temporary road moves just so I did not have to do that.

[That is very bad feng shui by the way. It means you are expecting to move on soon. I was too. Till I got to the loft. Then I disposed of the old boxes. Which all looked like cardboard box versions of a passport — dates and places crossed out and scrawled over again and again.]


These new boxes were delivered. All I did was push buttons on a website and presto boxes and packing materials were delivered to my door.

How cool is that?

And they come in packaged groups for less cash so the boxes are just as reasonable as any place I could go get them myself [except behind Ralph’s after a produce delivery for free — but hello lettuce slime — and okay no boxes are reasonable but these are not more unreasonable] and sometimes more reasonable and —

Shipping is free.

[This place so rocks.]


I picked up keys today.

Cable goes in Monday.

Time to pack.


where the art work comes from :
that is anticipation by chaovsky

10 Responses to adventures in cardboard

  1. Kym

    I’ve packed so many times that I know how to double duty-towels and washcloths become substitutes for bubble wrap and ice chests work for boxes. But there are never enough boxes.

    I really resent paying for cardboard boxes. Some things in life should be free.

  2. And here’s to fresh starts and diet coke and PEZ.

    Happy Travels Max.


  3. max

    Paying for cardboard does seem criminal.

    Thanks Miss Anita.

  4. All good feng shui wishes for the new place, Max. And happy and easy moving. (And I am so having good voodoo said for you to have great neighbors.)

  5. In a previous life I did estimates for a moving company. “Guess the needed box quantity” was one of the highlights of my job. Thank god I got a degree.

  6. max

    Thank you Toni. Hey I hear you just finished an indie you rock star.

    Tri, what a scary job. Most people absolutely have no idea how many boxes they need relying on them would be a disaster mostly.

  7. Thank you, max, but we are still shooting. We have to work around a few schedules, but we are at 60% and have shot all of the physically difficult scenes. (We sunk a boat. And luckily, it was the right boat and no one died.)

    I think we will be finished shooting first week of Dec. Then we have post and scoring, but those things are being worked on as we go. I hope to have a completed movie by end of April. So far, I’m really happy with what we’ve got. Fingers crossed and such.

  8. max

    That is so cool. You rock.

    [I am so trying to close a deal before Nov. 1 when the strike hits but lawyers are arguing over the definition of “net” and I do not know if it will happen. There go three years of my life. Again. Sheesh.]

  9. Mmmm…did a hunky delivery guy drop them off?

  10. max

    Not hunky but very nice and all those delivery guys have super nice legs.

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