adieu little mini fridge


coca cola bottleOops —

I listed the mini fridge on Craigslist and someone just came and got it. No more frosty bev’s for me.

Maybe I should speed things up….


where the art work comes from :
that is from fbphotography

2 Responses to adieu little mini fridge

  1. Oh, be careful with Craigslist. Some girl just got murdered when she went to answer an ad for a position as a nanny.

    I think that’s how it went down. Regardless, use caution.

  2. max

    Cripes. That is not good.

    The only thing that ever went problematic on a Craigslist thing for me was a guy who showed up to buy a jewelry box and then I could not get him out the door, he chatted and chatted while I was just smiling strained thinking, Um, hand over the cash and take your chatty self and new jewelry box out of here already. It is interesting a lot of women buying things would ask me to bring them downstairs rather than come up to get them and I get that.

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