adeui to the loft


anticipation by chaovskyI gave notice on the loft today.

This fills me with dread.

I am moving.


where the art work comes from :
that is anticipation by chaovsky

12 Responses to adeui to the loft

  1. Nuke and pave… Good call.

  2. There is chain reaction of moving going on.
    How come I’m not in this thing? Sigh.

    Good luck, Max. I hope you get a much better set of neighbors.

  3. wow, notices to landlords really make moves real. good luck! (don’t forget that Roch loves to help you move things like big mirrors)

  4. max

    “Nuke and pave” is very funny.

    There is a move epidemic, Beth is mid-move, Nancy just moved, Lee just moved, TJ is mid-move, I am moving. Lee and TJ and Beth are doing cross country moves so probably I should not be sobbing into my soda here.

    Chris, funny.

  5. Between all the crazy noisy neighbors, and the leaf contraptions it’s looking better all the time no doubt…

  6. max

    Sometime around 6 a.m. I got real glad I turned in that notice.

  7. Just curious, how many days notice do you have to give?

    And won’t you miss the guy who humps his dog?

  8. max

    Thirty days notice. The lease was up beginning of November so I would have had to sign on for another year and I am not doing that.

  9. Congratulations. I moved out of an apartment 10 months ago because of neighbors that sound very similar to yours. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Now, I’m near the ocean. Peace at last.

  10. max

    My friend Pete said I could not move, what would I blog about without my neighbors?

    [Very amusing Pete.]

    Since I got back to L.A. too each place I have lived has been bizarre so I keep wondering, if I move, will it be better? Or just another version of L.A. mayhem? I am just going to shake my hips and hope for the best though.

  11. cosmohell

    Congrats on moving out of your loft/hell- I, too, lived in your building (I fled a month ago) and have been happily sleeping ever since after waking up EVERY night to fights, flying furniture, animals peeing in the halls and fire alarms FOR TWO YEARS. I feel like I fled an overpriced flat in Beirut. And, by the way, so far no one who has moved out in the last 4 months has gotten any bit of their security deposit back. But I really hope you do!

  12. max

    Yeah, I pretty much figured the deposit was not something I should count on seeing soon. This place screams class action suit.

    Congrat’s on your escape. Wow, sleep. What is that like?

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