abby is that you?


ncis_iiI met —

My aunt for dinner the other night. We went to this restaurant Dar Maghreb that is Moroccan and very fancy with a fountain and they pour rose water over your hands before you eat. The rose water ritual is tricky the person pouring rose water does not stop until you take your hands away so a lot of rose water got poured before I snapped maybe he needed a signal from me that was enough. [Wow were my hands clean.]

You eat with your hands and that is tricky for my aunt because she is left handed and tradition says you eat with your right. But we made it through and it was fun.

And there were belly dancers.

The head belly dancer is Mesmera and a friend of my aunt’s [my aunt is a real mover and shaker with belly dancers] and came up and talked to us. And this head belly dancer Mesmera is the spitting image of Abby from NCIS. Except with red curly hair and a belly dancing costume and no goth stuff. She even sounded like Abby from NCIS. So the whole time she was talking to us I was just staring thinking, It is Abby from NCIS!

[Probably she thinks I am the “special” neice since I just sort of stared and did not talk much.]


[Abby is played by Pauley Perrette btw.]


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  1. Kym

    Perhaps she thought your were gay?

  2. Admore

    I love Moroccan food – one of the world’s great under rated cuisines. And the this belly dancer sounds intriguing.

    Would you think this is a worthwhile stop on my next visit to LA? Usually I eat lots of sushi and Russian food (not together), but it’s good to add something new.

  3. max

    Sure, Ad, the food there is very good. The dancing is on Friday nights but I would check ahead to make sure they are still doing it when you go.

    Kym, jeez.

  4. Kym

    Sorry, I hang around teenage boys too much.

  5. max

    Oh I remember them:

    “She thinks you’re gay dumb ass.”

  6. I love NCIS… And Moroccan food… And Abbey. Sounds like a good time!

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