a year later and a t-shirt short


sensesSo it comes to my attention today —

None of the Cafe Press shops are working when a workshopper asks about the workshop t-shirt and I am all like, Sure that is still available just go click the little link and she says, Um, that does not work Max.

[Sort of intimating doy she already did why else would she be asking?]

[Smart ass workshopper.]

So I go click the link.

Sure enough it does not work.

Maybe I should have noticed that not a single t-shirt or what not has sold in a freaking age but I am not exactly a t-shirt mogul here so that stuff does not cross my mind but now I discover probably for months and months and months not a single Cafe Press link works on any of the sites. Which is bad.

And also sehr annoying and just for that I am not even linking Cafe Press here they can get links from shop owners they do not totally derail by making changes to their code and the way things work without notifying the nice shop owner. [Which has — ahem — happened before dumb Cafe Press people.]

So. My entire morning was spent on [not] fun changes on all the shop pages on all the sites which is just so wrong and also manual labor which is especially wrong.

But my workshopper got her shirt.


where the art work comes from :
that is my senses tell me to stop by pensiero

5 Responses to a year later and a t-shirt short

  1. Smart-ass worshopper here saying thanks for fixing that Max.

    The shirt will go great with my new leather jacket.

  2. max

    Oh you will be well dressed bunny then.

  3. I just returned to look at this beautiful photo. Yeah, it’s a mundane Monday in the Twin Cities, too.

  4. max

    Human bodies are amazingly fluid and graceful aren’t they? I love photographers who capture that.

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