a thought for achilles


achillesAchilles —

Got hit by a car and is hurt.

Please think a good thought for him today.

Achilles is my friend TJ’s dog.

:::my favorite achilles story:::


10 Responses to a thought for achilles

  1. Sending good thoughts —–> Achilles.

    And TJ.

  2. Take care Tj and Achilles

  3. Hey Max,
    Your photo is not loading and your favorite Achilles story link is not going anywhere.

    Sending good thoughts to TJ and Achilles…

  4. max

    Thank you Kitty for letting me know about that link.

    The image is loading here.

  5. I am not seeing the image in Sarari or Firefox. I see a tiny box with a question mark.

    First time I ever saw that on your blog.

  6. Good thoughts from Abingdon to Achilles (yes, that’s terrible sentence construction). Hope he’s not hurt bad; cars are mean.

  7. max

    That is happening for me in Safari too, Kitty. With the search page image too. Which is odd both images are there and loaded. Something must be going on with the WordPress servers. Hopefully it will clear up.

  8. max

    Blipey, Michele, thank you for thinking of him.

  9. Poor Achilles. Do they give recovering doggies good medicine? I hope so. Sending nice thoughts.

  10. Kym

    I refuse to pretend my dog is saying hello to Achilles but I think I’ll go give her a hug because I love her and, well, it sucks to have your dog hurt!

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